Prometeo Case Study

prometeo landing page

Prometeo 2022 is the second edition of IIT Jodhpur’s National Technical + Entrepreneurial Festival. Prometeo derives its name from the Greek word for forethinker, and celebrates disruptive technologies through talks, workshops, and competitions.

This year’s theme for Prometeo 2022 was ‘India in 2030-40-50’ with the objective to address the major existing challenges of our society, provide exposure of different technologies to build the new India by expanding the technical and economical orbit.

Due to the Pandemic, Promoteo ’22 was hosted virtually on Samaaro.


prometeo landing page

Client: IIT Jodhpur

Category: Virtual Fest

Date: 26th Feb – 1st May


The clients needed a platform that would help them host a science fest virtually, facilitating discussions, competitions and seminars.

The clients also needed a virtual space that would keep the participants engaged and hooked to the event.


prometeo welcome lobby

The platform sported a unique and aesthetically appealing design that was customised according to the client’s brand guidelines. The platform had a lot of spaces, which were made easy to access with the top nav bar. 


The event was sponsored by tech giants like Samsung and Nvidia, among plenty of others. To help them showcase their products immersively and derive the maximum ROI, an exclusive exhibition hall was created. The exhibition hall consisted of various features like product gallery, resource centre, meeting scheduler and more.


Two auditoriums and a panel room were available to help the clients deliver multiple sessions concurrently. The auditoriums came with features like Live Polls, Q&As and an option to view previous sessions.


Additionally, to facilitate networking, spaces like Connect & Meeting Rooms were available, where participants could interact & converse with each other.


Lastly, spaces like Photobooth and Activity Leaderboard were available to keep the participants engaged and hooked to the event.


3290 Total Registrations were received, out of which, 1300 attended the event.

The overall engagement and retention rate of the platform was high.

The client was extremely happy with the event platform and the experience with Samaaro.