Event ticketing & payment
Event ticketing & payment

The Rotary Club of Durgapur Smart City, a collective of Thinkers, Enablers, and Doers committed to serving humanity, orchestrated a cruise event aimed at providing entertainment and fostering fellowship, culminating with a delightful dinner.


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Event Ticketing, Event Landing Page, Payments

Thanks to Samaaro, choosing their Registration & Ticketing Software was a decision that undoubtedly contributed to the success of our event registration! As someone who registered myself, I can confidently say that this platform provided the smoothest and easiest registration process I’ve ever encountered. The simplicity and efficiency of the system made the entire experience hassle-free.

– Rotary Club Representative

Client Challenges

In an era when event technology is thriving in the event industry, it has become necessary for every organisation to incorporate event technology into its planning processes. This not only increases attendee engagement, but also provides organisers with valuable ROI analytics and enhanced security measures.

The Rotary Club of Durgapur had been utilizing ticketing systems previously, but they were not suitable for the complexity of their events. They were in search of an event-specific ticketing solution that could leverage technology to manage their diverse range of events while offering customizability. Their focus was on integrating event technology to streamline the ticketing and registration process, including online payment gateways. Their requirements encompassed a variety of ticketing choices and the ability to tailor the system to their needs. In response, Samaaro stepped in and provided an exceptional registration and ticketing system, effectively addressing the club’s specific needs.

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Samaaro's Solution

By leveraging Samaaro’s event technology solutions, the Rotary Club was able to enhance attendee experience, streamline event management, and achieve impressive results.

1. Event Landing Page

Samaaro assisted event organizers in creating captivating and user-friendly event websites. The landing pages were designed to be adaptable, aligning with the event’s theme, branding, and desired aesthetic. This provided event organizers with the opportunity to present a visually appealing introduction to their attendees. The flexibility to personalize every element of the landing page empowered event organizers to craft an immersive experience that harmonized with the distinct ambiance of the event.

2. Event Ticketing

The event ticketing solution provided by Samaaro was adaptable and customizable. Depending on the event’s structure and audience, organisers were able to select from a variety of ticket categories. By offering various ticket categories, such as general admission, VIP, and early bird, event organisers had the option accommodate the preferences of a wide range of attendees.

For Rotary club, two ticket types were created: “Rtn” for Rotarians, spouses, and Rotaract members, and “Rotarlet” – discounted tickets for all their Rotarylets. Moreover, Samaaro’s support for coupon codes enabled event organisers to implement promotional campaigns, discounts, or special offers, thereby increasing the appeal of ticket purchases. This level of customization in ticketing allowed event organisers to maximise revenue generation and accommodate diverse segments of attendees.

3. Payment Gateway

Recognizing the importance of secure and seamless payment processing for event organizers, Samaaro understood the value of incorporating safe transactions. By integrating a reliable payment gateway, the platform ensured that participants could conveniently acquire event tickets or merchandise using UPI Payments and Rupay Cards. This payment method reassured attendees and organizers alike, eliminating concerns about data breaches or fraudulent activities. Such a secure payment infrastructure not only enhanced the overall user experience during registration and payment but also instilled a sense of trust and confidence in the entire process.

4. Registration Data (Reports for Organizers)

During the purchasing of the tickets, Samaaro’s registration data solution collected pertinent information. The information included demographics of attendees, categories of tickets purchased, geographical distribution of attendees, and more. Organisers obtain insights that influenced event planning, marketing strategies, and future improvements by generating comprehensive reports based on these registration data. These reports enabled event planners to tailor their events to the preferences and expectations of their intended audience.

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The implementation of an event technology platform for an in-person event yielded impressive results, including:

Registration: The event witnessed 400+ Registrations under 2 weeks

Payment: The payments were processed within 2 seconds, making the registration and payment process very easy 

ROI: The event saw an ROI of 10%


In conclusion, the event organised by the Rotary Club of Durgapur Smart City with the aid of Samaaro’s event technology solutions yielded overwhelmingly positive results. The club attained extraordinary registration numbers, streamlined payment processing, and valuable attendee insights. This partnership not only ensured the success of the cruise event, but also paved the way for future events to be more effective and engaging.

Are you ready to transform your next event? Discover how Samaaro’s cutting-edge event technology platform can enhance engagement, streamline attendance tracking, and boost sponsor engagement. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.