2021 Annual PCOS Summit

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The PCOS Summit 2021 was India’s first ever summit hosted by PCOS CLUB INDIA on PCOS, wherein health practitioners were helping people with PCOS with their treatments, clinical researchers were looking to understand the latest research on PCOS and local/regional communities were disseminating information about PCOS or individuals/institutions who want to increase their awareness about PCOS.

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Project Info:


Category: Virtual Conference 

Date: 18-19 September 2021


PCOS CLUB INDIA wanted to host the first ever Annual ‘PCOS SUMMIT 2021’, a 2-Day Virtual Conference hosted by with a mission to:

  • Increase awareness of, & education about, PCOS among the general public, menstruators & healthcare professionals.

  • Improve diagnosis and treatment of the disorder.

  • Improve quality of life and outcomes for people with PCOS.

  • Promote the need for further research, improved treatment & care options,

  • Acknowledge the struggles affecting all women and girls afflicted with PCOS.

  • Urge medical researchers and healthcare professionals to advance their understanding of PCOS to research, diagnose, and provide assistance to menstruators with PCOS.


pcos virtual summit welcome lobby

A highly customized Welcome Lobby with a nav bar was available for users to navigate to different spaces of the event.

A powerful Auditorium with various features like live Q&As and Polls was available. This helped the speakers deliver speeches effectively and communicate with the audience.

pcos virtual summit help desk

A help-desk, with an expert chat feature, was available for attendees to reach out to for any queries. The help desk created a direct line of communication between attendees and the organizers.

pcos virtual summit sponsors lounge

Lastly, a Sponsors Lounge with special offers and coupon codes for various products was available during the event.


  • 200+ experts participated over the course of 2 days

  • 20+ sponsors participated during the event

  • 500+ registrations were received

  • Various activities like game nights were also organized.

  • The event received national coverage, including in The Hindu newspaper.

Client Feedback

“Thanks to Samaaro, we hosted India’s first event pcos summit, during which we were able to spread awareness on PCOS and bring global experts on one platform and hold discussions.”
-PCOS Club India