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Elevate Your Close Door Events with Samaaro's All-in-One Event Tech Platform

Whether you're hosting an exclusive product launch, a high-stakes board meeting, or a VIP client reception, Samaaro ensures your close door events are not only successful but also Drive engagement and interaction


Why Samaaro is Your Trusted Partner for Close Door Events

Unmatched Security & Privacy

Ensure guest data privacy with industry-leading encryption and access controls.

Scalable for VIP Control

Seamlessly manage guest lists, from small board meetings to larger VIP receptions.

Streamlined Attendee Journey

Provide a smooth experience with intuitive features for registration, invitations, and engagement.

Samaaro's Integrated
Sponsorship Management Suite

Effortless Event Management

Event Registration: Simplify guest RSVPs with customizable registration forms and automated confirmation emails. 

Mobile Event App: Empower attendees with a branded app for agendas, speaker bios, and real-time updates. 

Enhanced Security and Control

Check-in & Badging: Ensure a smooth check-in process with digital invitations and secure badge printing. 

Door Management/Access Control: Maintain complete control over event access with role-based permissions and real-time monitoring. 

Drive Engagement and Interaction

Surveys/Reports & Attendee Tracking: Gather valuable feedback through targeted surveys and detailed attendee analytics. 

Integrations: Seamlessly connect Samaaro with your existing communication tools, whiteboards, presentation software, and live streaming platforms for a unified experience. 

Achieve Powerful Outcomes with the Right Event Technology

Elevate the Experience

Impress Your VIPs: Deliver a seamless and secure experience that exceeds expectations for your high-profile guests. 

Boost Engagement and Interaction: Foster meaningful connections and spark productive conversations among attendees. 

Maximize Efficiency and ROI

Streamline Event Management: Save time and resources with automated workflows and a centralized platform. 

Gain Valuable Insights: Gather actionable data and feedback to measure event success and improve future gatherings. 

Seamless Integrations - Connect Your Event Ecosystem

Samaaro understands that your event ecosystem likely involves various tools and platforms. To ensure seamless event execution and data flow, Samaaro offers robust integrations with popular applications you already use. From marketing automation tools to CRM platforms, Samaaro seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, maximizing efficiency and data utilization for a truly connected event experience.

Focus On Your Event, We'll Handle the Rest

We understand the importance of trust. That’s why we take a multi-layered approach to ensure your data and privacy of your attendees is always protected. From hosting our platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), to adhering the highest security standards, including ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, CCPA, GDPR, and SOC 2. These comprehensive frameworks ensure your data is handled with the utmost care.

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Support always within reach

Global support, always available, always on your side.

Secure a Seamless VIP Experience

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