Prague World Health Congress

whc help desk

Prague World Health Congress was hosted to facilitate information exchange in the area of TCIM, and to establish a safe space for communication with EBM in a fully interactive 3D environment.

Info desk of Mascot Optimus

Project Info:

Client: ITCIM

Category: Virtual Exhibition

Date: 10th -12th September


  • The client required a highly personalised yet very intuitive virtual exhibition platform to host their event.

  • Another challenge was that the event was hosted in multiple languages, and hence the platform was required to be multilingual.


virtual trade shows welcome lobby

A highly customized platform was created as per the client’s requirements, especially the lobby, which showcased all the brandings and sponsors of the event.

Multilingual conference hall was set up with features such as live polls, Q&As and pre-recorded sessions for three days.

whc poster hall

A Poster Hall was available where all the different poster presentations were displayed. A custom chat feature was also available to enable the audiences to interact with the sponsors.

whc exhibitor booth with meeting scheduler

Each Exhibitor Booth contained various features like the product gallery, product finder, meeting scheduler and resource centre, to help the exhibitors convert as many visitors as possible.

trade show platform networking lounge

Language based chat rooms were also available to help the attendees interact and network with each other.


  • The event got 1000+ registrations from all over the world

  • The platform was highly intuitive which enabled people to navigate across different spaces, and make use of all the features.

  • 2000+ resources downloaded, viewed and shared.

  • The poster hall, in particular, received very high interaction. 

  • The event received a high engagement rate of 78%.

 We have outperformed the benchmark at World Health Congress event 

  • Delivered 50% increase in the no. of attendees

  • The overall event engagement was 40%. higher during the event

  • The event ROI was 60% more than usual

Client Feedback

“We required a highly customized virtual exhibition platform, and we received just that. Our exhibitors were also very happy because of all of the great analytics generated in the backend. Looking forward to hosting more events on Samaaro.”