The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India’s space agency, recently organized SMOPS-2023: International Conference on Spacecraft Mission Operations.  The primary objective of this conference was to bring together global space leaders and permit the exchange of ideas on current technology and the issues they present.
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We had a truly fantastic experience with Samaaro. The team demonstrated extensive knowledge about event organization and seamlessly guided us through the entire process. They developed an excellent dashboard and screen workflow, providing clear explanations to both organizers and the operating team. Notably, we encountered no technical issues, making the experience even more enjoyable.


Client Challenges:

While planning the conference, ISRO have various concerns and were looking for an event technology platform to make an event a memorable experience.  

  • Registration – The reliance on manual event execution burdened organisers with redundant paper-based registration and administrative processes and resulted in time-consuming tasks. 
  • Data Tracking – The inability of attendees to make well-informed decisions regarding their time utilisation was hampered by a lack of publicly available event information online or on the conference platform. The organisers aimed to improve their event monitoring system by utilising cutting-edge technology to collect specific attendee information and properly monitor all event parameters. 
  • Certificates – Another problem was streamlining the process of issuing certificates to conference attendees at the end of the event. 

By addressing these challenges and embracing technology-driven solutions, the SMOPS-2023 conference wanted to elevate its effectiveness and maximize the benefits for all stakeholders involved. The ultimate goal was to create a seamless and dynamic environment that fosters collaboration and encouraged knowledge sharing. 

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Samaaro's Solution:

  1. Registration & Seamless QR Check-in 

The transition from traditional paper-based registrations to a fully online system improved the registration process, significantly streamlining and enhancing efficiency. Within a span of 45 minutes, the event achieved over 800 successful registrations by utilizing Samaaro’s registration and ticketing solutions. Samaaro managed several on-site registrations through the dashboard, making the registration process smooth. VVIP guests and press members were given the opportunity to pre-register via the dashboard. 

After users completed their registration, a unique QR code was sent to them via email, along with login instructions for the mobile platform which ensured quick and efficient communication. Furthermore, the same details were communicated through SMS and WhatsApp messages.  

Upon arrival at the venue, attendees could display their QR codes either by logging into the platform or presenting the email containing the code at the check-in counter. When the QR code was successfully scanned, the registration administrator could view the attendee’s role (e.g., general attendee, VVIP, or press), and a customized display badge was printed accordingly. A successful check-in triggered an SMS and WhatsApp communication to the users, informing them to collect their welcome kits from the next counter by scanning the same QR code. The same process was repeated for day 2. 

Samaaro introduced a new feature, namely inventory management. ISRO faced a challenge of distributing jackets to all attendees, considering the various sizes involved. To simplify the process, Samaaro included a link in the registration email, enabling ISRO to collect size data efficiently. 

All data related to registrations, check-ins (for both days), and welcome kits was accessible in real-time and downloadable reports were provided. 

2. 2D Platform / Mobile Web Application

Samaaro provided the organizers with an event mobile app that featured an OTP-based login system. Attendees could conveniently log in by entering their email ID or mobile number, granting them access to explore various aspects of the event. The platform encompassed comprehensive information, including details about exhibitors and agendas. Upon logging in the platform, users were presented with an event overview, offering a holistic view of the event. Here’s a list of all the functions on the mobile app. 

Agenda: In agenda, attendees could access a day-wise schedule. The sessions were categorized based on the halls, with live sessions highlighted for easy identification. Clicking on a particular session would provide additional information, such as session description, speaker(s) details, and a guide map for the specific sessions. 

Q&A: The Q&A functionality was intentionally crafted to be user-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for both attendees and moderators. Its implementation was highly successful, allowing participants to submit questions while enabling moderators to effortlessly access them through the convenient moderator dashboard. The dashboard effectively showcased all the questions posed by attendees, empowering moderators to filter and present them to the speakers. 

Exhibition Hall: The showcase tab provided a comprehensive list of sponsors and exhibitors participating in the event. The list was organized according to the organizers’ preferences and featured up to 12 exhibitors. When a visitor clicked on any exhibitor, the following elements was available:  

  • A detailed profile of the exhibitor with an overview of the company.
  • A resource center to access all the documents
  • A product gallery to list products
  • Additional functions such as social media handles & “meet our team”.
  • The showcase also had multiple actions that will help the attendees reach out to the exhibitors of their choice via functions such as “submit query”, “schedule meeting” and “call/email representatives.” These insights came out handy for all the exhibitors as it included detailed information about the number of visitors who accessed their digital booths, the documents and products that were viewed, and the inquiries they received. By analysing these metrics, sponsors gained a comprehensive understanding of the level of engagement and interest generated by their presence at the event. 

Networking: Any successful event is measured with the connections made during the event. Well, the platform offered a feature where you could capture and remember the faces that leave a lasting impression. You can utilize the “My Connections” feature to scan and save the contact details of individuals you found inspiring and insightful. Over 1000 networking connections were made during the three-day conference.  

Feedback: Attendees were given an interactive section that included a customised tab with multiple question styles such as star ratings, drop-down options, and text-based replies. This page made it simple for participants to share their experiences and offer vital feedback on the event. 

Event Notifications: Attendees could easily view all real-time notifications issued by the organisers. This page functioned as a major centre for guests to remain up to current on essential changes about seminars, lunch arrangements, and other event-related activities.  

3. Event Marketing

Push Notifications: Samaaro empowered organizers with unlimited push notifications on the web UI, a crucial aspect of event marketing. Organizers could send notifications to all attendees with active logins, ensuring easy access to these updates through the notifications tab. 

SMS Notifications: Organizers were granted the ability to send SMS notifications to event attendees for various event-related activities. Samaaro offered up to 10,000 SMS credits, which covered registration SMSs and other important announcements. 

Email Notifications: Samaaro enabled organizers to send email notifications to event attendees, keeping them informed about event-related activities. Up to 10,000 email credits were provided, covering registration emails and other significant announcements. 

4. Add Ons

Certificates: Following the event, participants had the option to obtain a “Certificate of Participation.” These certificates can be either printed for individual attendees or delivered via email. 

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Samaaro’s tailored solutions successfully addressed The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISROs) challenges, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that streamlined operations, enhanced attendee experiences, and delivered exceptional results. Through innovative features and seamless integration, Samaaro enabled ISRO to successfully register and provide details of the event to attendees in their events, establishing a strong foundation for future growth and success.

Are you ready to transform your next event? Discover how Samaaro’s cutting-edge event technology platform can enhance engagement, streamline attendance tracking, and boost sponsor engagement. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.