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One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities

Take Your Events Completely Online With Samaaro

Having hosted 1000+ virtual events for global brands across the world, Samaaro is the only virtual event platform you require to host end-to-end online events.

Immersive 3D Spaces
End-to-end Customization

Unify Virtual & In-person Events On Samaaro

Get the best of both worlds with Samaaro’s powerful hybrid event platform that seamlessly combines and delivers immersive experiences for both in-person and online audiences.!

Cater to both in-person & online audience
Manage everything from one place

Types of Virtual Events

Be it Virtual Expos or Online Conferences, Samaaro enables organizers to host various powerful and scalable Virtual Events to achieve their business goals.

All The Tech You Need To Host An Event - Virtual or Hybrid.

We offer all the ingredients you need – engagement, 3D UI, networking, security, and more, to host events that go above and beyond.

Team Management

Leverage our exclusive gamification feature and deliver gamified experiences to your attendees.


Add an element of excitement to your event and incentivize participation via the activity leaderboard.


Make your live streams more fun and interactive with the live reactions feature.


Create exclusive polls during the event and get to know your audience better

AI Matchmaking

Help your attendees connect with similar people based on their interests.

Meeting Rooms

Facilitate effective communication between participants via agenda-based meeting rooms.

Meeting Scheduler

Simplify meeting creation and scheduling between attendees and exhibitors.

Audio/Video Calls

Help your exhibitors connect with each other effectively with HD audio/video calls.

Custom Themes

Integrate your/your exhibitor’s brand guidelines with the platform and maximize brand visibility.

Automated Booth Maker

Give your exhibitors complete control over the design and functionality of the booth

Custom Landing Page

An exclusive and highly personalized landing page is provided to help you drum-up registrations

Poster Walls

Present your research papers immersively in the form of a paper poster that conference participants may view

Payment Gateway

Add an extra layer of security to the payments that happen during your event.

Data Encryption

Our end-to-end data protection ensures that your, and your attendees’ data, is safe and secure.

Stress & Penetration tests

Before any event goes live, our servers are put to the test to ensure you get a glitch-free experience.

Password Protected Logins

All participants are assigned/required to create unique passwords

Why Samaaro?

Why Samaaro?

Here's why Samaaro is the best platform to host events - virtual or hybrid.

24x7 Support

24x7 Support

A customer success team is assigned to help you execute events smoothly

Turnkey Solution

We offer a complete event solution, from event management to execution.

Device Agnostic

Device Agnostic

We offer a highly flexible platform that’s compatible with all modern devices.


Being a global platform, we give you the option to host events in any language



Weather you are hosting an event for 100 or 100 Mn attendees, Samaaro let’s youm do it seamlessly



With our immersive 3D User-Interface, all the participants are assured an interactive visual experience.

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FAQs on Virtual Event

A virtual event is an online event, in which participants gather, nerwork and interact with each other in a virtual environment much like at in-person events. Learn more about virtual events here.

A virtual events platform is a virtual environment that enables event organizers and community managers to host in-person-like events virtually. Learn more about virtual event platforms here

No! Samaaro is a scalable platform capable of hosting tens to tens of millions of users in your Virtual Event.

Contact us via call, mail, or just drop by our office to quickly host amazing Virtual Events on Samaaro.

Here are some of the latest Virtual Event Ideas:

- Live Competitions & Games
- Fireside Chats
- Virtual Gala
- Leaderboard Challenges
- Virtual Scavenger Hunt