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An Exhibition Organizer, based in the Las Vegas, is a leading organizer of government exhibitions and events. With a proven track record in orchestrating large-scale gatherings, they excel in uniting industry experts, government officials, and defence technology innovators.


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Solutions Used

Exhibitor Dashboard, Exhibitor CRM, Attendee App, Attendee Check-in & Management

Samaaro’s technology was a game-changer for our defense exhibitions. The Exhibitor Management Dashboard simplified tasks, and the CRM offered transparency. Attendee check-in and the customized app enhanced the attendee experience. Results included a 20% increase in exhibitor participation and a 5% cost reduction. We’re excited about our future partnership with Samaaro.

Client Challenges:

A leading defence exhibition organizer faced several challenges when organizing a large-scale event with over 250 exhibitors. While the client had been using multiple solutions (cvent, brella, vfairs,) for its various challenges, they wanted a platform that could address all their problems all at once while highly customizable and budget friendly.

The challenges they faced compromised of: 

Exhibitor Management:
Managing a large and diverse exhibitor base, coordinating with exhibitors on multiple platforms, and tracking exhibitor activity and performance were key challenges faced by the defence exhibition organizer. The organizer had a vast database of exhibitors from previous events, as well as a steady stream of new inquiries. Keeping track of exhibitor information, preferences, and deadlines was a time-consuming and error-prone process. The organizer was also using a variety of different tools to communicate with exhibitors, such as email, phone, and online forms. This made it difficult to keep track of conversations and ensure that all exhibitors were receiving the same information. Additionally, the organizer wanted to be able to track exhibitor activity, such as lead generation and booth visits. This data could be used to improve the exhibitor experience and identify areas for improvement.

Attendee Check-in & Management:
The organizer’s previous check-in process was slow and manual and did not provide real-time insights into attendee attendance. This made it difficult to identify and address any issues that arose during the event.

Attendee App:
For this large-scale exhibition, the organizer sought a minimalistic and easy-to-navigate attendee app. Previous apps had not been customized to meet their specific requirements, which included:

  • Venue details
  • Real-time updates through push notifications
  • Personalized exhibitor recommendations
  • Digital business cards
  • Option to schedule meetings with interested exhibitors

The decision to collaborate with Samaaro for the exhibition was driven by the realization that Samaaro could provide a tailored solution to meet the client’s distinct event requirements.

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Increased Exhibitor Participation
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Leads Generated
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Reduced Operational Cost

Samaaro's Solution:

Given the distinct challenges faced by our client, we embarked on a mission to create a tailored end-to-end solution that streamlined their operations. With a focus on reducing manual work, our goal was to simplify their processes while ensuring user-friendliness.

1. Admin Dashboard :

The admin dashboard offered a comprehensive set of tools, including event website management, attendee and exhibitor management, push notifications, and marketing capabilities. It provided event organizers with essential event information, a thematic website builder, and a flexible color palette to create an engaging online presence. Additionally, the ticketing and registration dashboard streamlined attendee management, ensuring a seamless check-in process. The platform’s push notification and marketing features allowed for real-time communication with attendees, enhancing engagement and information sharing.

2. Exhibitor Management Dashboard :

The exhibitor management dashboard proved to be a game-changer for event organizers, offering a range of invaluable benefits. Firstly, it simplified the often-complex task of managing exhibitors by enabling effortless exhibitor addition. Organizers could seamlessly add exhibitors from existing or new lists, with the system supporting manual data entry or bulk uploading via CSV files, thus streamlining the entire process.

Furthermore, the dashboard’s exhibitor settings provided a centralized hub for organizing tasks for exhibitors, managing inventory requests, defining exhibitor categories, and handling banking details, all from a single platform. This consolidation of essential functions significantly enhanced efficiency and coordination.

Additionally, the effective communication channel within the dashboard allowed organizers to send crucial emails and updates directly to all exhibitors. This ensured that consistent and timely information reached every exhibitor, facilitating smoother event operations and fostering improved exhibitor satisfaction. In sum, the exhibitor management dashboard was instrumental in simplifying the organization’s tasks and enhancing communication, resulting in more efficient and successful events.

3. Exhibitor CRM :

The Exhibitor CRM emerged as a pivotal feature, revolutionizing the way event organizers managed their exhibitors. By categorizing exhibitors into ‘New Leads,’ ‘Proposals Sent for Participation,’ and ‘Exhibitors Booked,’ it delivered an array of indispensable benefits.

The comprehensive lead detail data facilitated effective lead tracking and management, empowering organizers to make informed decisions. Moreover, the CRM contained a dedicated section for exhibitor information. This quick overview of exhibitor information streamlined exhibitor interactions and enhanced organizational efficiency.

The inclusion of uploading contract details enhanced transparency but also simplified document management, contributing to smoother transactions. Facilitating inventory requests, the CRM enabled exhibitors to specify their inventory needs, including required quantities. This streamlined inventory management, ensuring a seamless supply and demand process during events.

Task management feature played a crucial role in meeting event requirements and enhancing task coordination. Furthermore, the CRM outlined tasks for event administrators and sub-admins, ensuring that the event’s operational responsibilities were well-coordinated.

Lastly, the inclusion of a booth representative section simplified communication with booth staff, promoting better networking opportunities and enhancing the overall event experience. Overall, the Exhibitor CRM empowered event organizers with a comprehensive tool to efficiently manage exhibitors, monitor tasks, and foster transparent and productive relationships, leading to more successful and well-coordinated events.

4. Attendee Check-in & Management:

Samaaro’s technology significantly streamlined the attendee check-in process, enhancing its speed and efficiency. Attendees received a backend-generated email containing a QR code for seamless event venue check-in after their registration. This QR code system, along with badge printing, ensured swift and precise check-ins. Moreover, Samaaro’s platform offered real-time attendance data and insights, accessible via the admin dashboard. This real-time information empowered organizers to promptly address any event-related issues as they arose, contributing to a smoother event experience.

5. Attendee App:

The development of a customized attendee app by Samaaro, tailored to the specific needs of the defence exhibition, was of great benefit to the organizers. The app’s minimalistic and easy-to-navigate interface significantly improved the attendee experience, allowing attendees to effortlessly navigate the extensive exhibition area. Real-time updates through push notifications ensured attendees stayed informed about any schedule changes or critical announcements, enhancing communication efficiency. The personalized exhibitor recommendations and the ability to exchange digital business cards simplified networking, making it easier for attendees to connect with exhibitors whose offerings matched their interests. Additionally, the app’s feature for scheduling meetings with exhibitors promoted networking and interaction, providing convenience to attendees while offering organizers valuable insights into attendee engagement and preferences. In sum, the attendee app not only elevated attendee satisfaction but also streamlined communication, fostered productive networking, and facilitated data-driven decision-making, all contributing to the overall success of the defence exhibition.

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The implementation of an event technology platform for a large scale defence exhibition yielded impressive results, including:

Increased Exhibitor Participation: The number of exhibitors who participated in the event increased by 20%, indicating greater industry interest and confidence in the event’s management.

Lead Generation: During the event, exhibitors generated a total of 500 leads, demonstrating the success of their participation in engaging with potential clients and partners.

Exhibitor Performance Metrics: Exhibitor A recorded 250 booth visits, generating 50 leads and requesting 100 inventory items. Exhibitor B had 300 booth visits, generated 80 leads, and requested 120 inventory items. These metrics allowed organizers to assess the performance and engagement levels of individual exhibitors.

Reduced Operational Cost: Notably, the implementation of Samaaro’s event technology resulted in a significant 5% reduction in operational costs, further enhancing the overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the event.

These specific numerical values provide quantifiable results that reflect the impact of Samaaro’s event technology on exhibitor participation, lead generation, and individual exhibitor success.


In conclusion, the partnership with Samaaro proved to be a game-changing decision for the defence exhibition organizers. With Samaaro’s customized event technology, the organizers achieved improved exhibitor management, efficient check-in processes, and a feature-rich attendee app tailored to their unique event requirements. This collaboration not only simplified event planning but also fostered a more productive and transparent relationship with exhibitors and attendees, ultimately leading to the success of their large-scale defence exhibition.

Additionally, the client’s commitment to excellence extended to their choice of Samaaro’s annual Ultra package. This subscription includes a range of additional benefits, ensuring continued support and enhanced capabilities for their future events. Samaaro’s commitment to delivering excellence and tailored solutions clearly aligns with the client’s ongoing needs and ambitions for their defence exhibitions.

Are you ready to transform your next event? Discover how Samaaro’s cutting-edge event technology platform can enhance engagement, streamline attendance tracking, and boost sponsor engagement. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.