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Are you among the million others in the event industry whose business has been, directly or indirectly, affected by the pandemic? Then you certainly would have heard of a term that’s witnessing a rising popularity these past few months- Virtual Event Platform – the new technology tipped to be the “white knight” that’ll fend off the financial contraction of the events industry. In fact, it is estimated that the virtual event market size is estimated to grow at 22.3% CARG henceforth. So settle down folks, let’s explore what are virtual event platforms.

Introduction to Virtual Event Platform

A virtual event platform is a virtual environment that enables event organizers and community managers to host in-person-like events on digital platforms.

Typically, a virtual event contains both live and recorded sessions, and provides an opportunity for attendees, organizers and guests of the event to interact and network with each other.

However, a virtual event should not be confused with a webinar, because a virtual event offers its attendees a lot more than making it as experiential as an in-person event.

Confused? Read our Ultimate Guide: An Introduction To Virtual Events, which gives a simple yet in-depth explanation of what virtual events are.

Why Virtual Events Platforms?

After having clarity to what is a virtual event platform, the straightforward answer to that would be that event marketers and community managers across the globe are looking for a scalable, feasible, and cost-effective alternative to in-person events, which have been strictly ruled out until the end of 2021. A virtual event platform offers an ideal solution that offers all the advantages of an in-person event, and much more.

In fact, virtual event platforms have been tipped to steal a major slice of action from its traditional counterparts, even after things normalize.

Sure, virtual event platforms may have seen a rise in popularity because of the on-going crisis, but virtual events are here to stay, and here is a fact to re-affirm that.

Virtual event statistics: 80% people participated in virtual events

One of the most important reasons why virtual event platforms are seeing a massive surge in demand is due to the fact that hosting a virtual event is much more convenient compared to hosting traditional events. Let us explain…

To begin with, here’s another fact. Virtual events are extremely affordable. 84% of organizations which have run a virtual event in 2020 reported that they spend less money on virtual events than in-person events.

And, with virtual events, you no longer have to worry about the hassles of logistics, expenses of accommodations and management.

Besides, with virtual events, you can transcend geographical barriers, and reach customers from every nook and corner of the world.

It has literally taken a pandemic for people to recognize the value of digital technologies such as a virtual event platform. But hey, better late than never, aye?

Planning and executing a Virtual Event takes time and persistence but the result is well worth the effort. As long as your Virtual Event strikes a chord with your audience base, you get the edge over all your competitors.

What are the Best Features of Virtual Event Platforms?


Virtual Exhibition

It is estimated that 86% of the people who have attended virtual events report higher or equal levels of engagement compared to in-person events.

Yes, virtual event platforms offer a ton of in-platform features like live polls, quizzes, and more that not only boosts engagement, but gets attendees directly involved with hosts & others present in the event.

This, in turn, also helps event organizers get feedback, collect data and understand their audience in a better way.


Virtual event platform-networking

There is no event without networking. Networking is the primary reason why people attend business events.

Some of the best virtual event platforms on the market today boast a wide-array of features that facilitate marketing, and one of them is networking lounge- an exclusive virtual space designed to let people connect, interact and network with each other.

Analytics Dashboard

Virtual event platform - Analytics

Real-time analytics is perhaps one of the most important advantages virtual events hold over physical events.

In the 21st century, data is gold. Virtual events produce a ton of data points that can be effectively used by organizers to generate leads, drive sales and make profit.

Event data can also be effectively used to personalize and enhance audience engagement during upcoming events.

Today, the best virtual event platforms offer an in-build analytics dashboard that collects all the data like website heatmap, most downloaded resources, demographic insights, dwell time and more.


Virtual event platform- Gamification

Having a little fun doesn’t hurt anyone, at least that’s what MNCs around the world reckon.

According to reports, 70% of Forbes Global 2000 companies have announced plans to deploy gamification in some form or other.

And with virtual events, it’s all the more easy and possible. Gamification is one of the most important virtual event platform features that easily and effectively engages audiences during a virtual event.



How do you host a business event without branding? You don’t! Virtual event platforms allow event organizers to have ultimate customization through a number of virtual event components that work in tandem to make the entire branding experience memorable.

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Different Types of Virtual Events that Can be Hosted Using a Virtual Event Platform

Here is a list of Top 5 types of Virtual Events being hosted in 2020

Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Tradeshow

A Virtual Tradeshow is a type of virtual event that allows members of a particular industry to connect with each other and display, demonstrate, and discuss their latest offerings in a virtual environment. A virtual trade show typically consists of a virtual lobby, information desk, live chat and more.

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition is a digital event that allows people from around the world to connect with each other, where exhibitors can showcase their products and attendees can connect with exhibitors and request demos. A virtual exhibition boasts interactive features like exhibitor booths, exhibition hall, product finder, resource hub and more.

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Virtual Fairs

virtual events- virtual fair

A Virtual Fair is an online event that can be leveraged to facilitate cross-industry business activities. Some examples of fairs are Job Fair, Career Fair and Benefits Fair.

Virtual Product Launch

Virtual product launch

A virtual product launch is a type of digital event that brands and businesses around the world are leveraging to keep audiences informed about their latest products and promote their upcoming releases.

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Virtual Conference

Best virtual conference platform

It is a digital event which brings subject matter experts and guests on one platform followed by a series of presentations, interviews and discussions on a specific topic or niche. Virtual conferences have emerged to be one of the most effective types of virtual events for businesses in 2022. One can expect to see features such as virtual lobby, live polls and surveys, in-built games and more.

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Top 5 Virtual Event Platforms In India

Have you ever wondered which are the best virtual event platforms in India right now? Well then, brace yourselves, here are the top 5 virtual event platforms:

*Drum rolls*

1. Samaaro

2. HexaFair

3. Dreamcast

4. VConfex

5. Kestone

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