Ultimate guide to virtual events
Ultimate Guide To Virtual Events

There are many questions surrounding the entire concept of virtual events. Are they just a passing fad? Will people stay engaged during? Will virtual events last beyond the pandemic? What are the advantages of the virtual event? Read on to

Best Virtual Event Platform
What Are Virtual Event Platforms: 2021 Edition

What Are Virtual Event Platforms? Are you among the million others in the event industry whose business has been, directly or indirectly, affected by the pandemic? Then you certainly would have heard of a term that’s witnessing a rising popularity these

How to monetize virtual events
Sponsorships and How to Monetize Virtual Events

Creating sponsorship deals serve as a key element for any event planning strategy. While sponsorships at on-ground events are tried and tested, sponsorships on a digital platform is a different ball game altogether. The question that the event planners need

20 amazing virtual event statistics
20 Amazing Virtual Event Statistics: 2020 Edition

If you have heard about virtual events, but you’re not sure if you want to host one, then the following facts will help you understand why now is the best time to host virtual events.

Virtual events for pharma companies
Why Pharma Companies Should Host Virtual Events

Pharma Companies should host Virtual Medical Conferences & Expos as it offers various benefits.