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Virtual Exhibition REIE - Help Desk

Project Info:

Client: Informa Market

Category: Virtual Expo

Date: 2-3rd Sep, 2020


Informa Markets was looking for a scalable virtual event platform to host a Virtual Exhibition – the Renewable Energy India E-Expo (REIE).

  • Interaction: The client wanted to generate a lot of interaction between audience and exhibitors, and they also wanted a lot of visibility for the exhibitors to help them effectively promote their brand and strategically generate leads.

  • Customization: With over 20 distinct exhibitors participating in the event, there was a need to brand and customize each booth according to each exhibitor’s requirements.

  • Measuring ROI: The virtual expo was expected to have around 9000 attendees from various parts of the world, and it was crucial for the exhibitors to track the different metrics of the event to effectively measure the ROI and have access to different data points.

Virtual Exhibition - REIE - Exhibit Booth
Virtual Exhibition - REIE - Networking Lounge


Informa Markets found Samaaro in its quest to find a virtual events platform that effectively allows its exhibitors to reach a global audience, amplify branding and customization, and generate leads.

Samaaro helped Informa come up with a fully customized virtual-solution and host a one-of-its-kind virtual exhibition that helped them host an engaging virtual expo

Virtual Exhibition - REIE - Exhibit Booth

Branding was taken care of effectively. The entire virtual environment, including the exhibition hall, the lobby, the exhibitor booths, were not only designed aesthetically, but were also completely customized/personalized.

Virtual Exhibition - REIE - Meeting Scheduler

The second major challenge faced was boosting the interaction between the audience and the exhibitor, which was dealt with efficiently with a lot of exclusive features like meeting scheduler and one-on-one video calls. This allowed the attendees to choose their preferred time to connect and have a personalized interaction with a diverse range of exhibitors from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Exhibition - REIE - Analytics Dashboard

An innovative analytics dashboard was set up of the event, where exhibitors could track the total number of visitors to the booth, the attendee heatmap, average time spent on the booth, total number of downloaded resources, the most popular type of resource downloaded and more. This helped the hosts in gathering pivotal data to help exhibitors make smarter business decisions.

Virtual Exhibition - REIE - Conference Hall

Also, considering it was a live event with multiple videos streaming at once, attendees would not be able to attend all the sessions. Hence, a list was created and all the videos were uploaded for on-demand viewing, where attendees could view the missed sessions later.

Virtual Exhibition - REIE - Exhibit Hall

With 21 exhibitor booths, another simple yet crucial feature that was integrated with this event was the swag-bag, which enabled participants to save their favorite resources in a personalized “briefcase” that could be viewed/downloaded later.

Virtual Exhibition - REIE -Product Finder

The attendees could also discover booths based on the type of product or resource they were looking for with the hassle-free “product finder” feature, which saved a lot of time for the attendees.


The Renewable Energy India E-Expo was declared a massive success, which was attended by people from all over the world. The exhibitors received a huge ROI from the event which also recorded high audience engagement and retention.

Here are some of the highlights of the event :

  • Over 9000 participants attended the event from 108 countries

  • Around 25000 resources were downloaded and 3930 total videos were watched by the attendees

  • Average time spent on the platform was 45 minutes, with the top 25% of attendees spending over 2 hours on the platform

  • 25% of participants who visited the booths, initiated conversation with the exhibitor

  • The exhibitors had an average of 500 visitors on their booths, with an average duration of 5 minutes per visitor

  • With the event conducted over the course of two days, the recorded audience retention was high for the event.

Client Feedback:

" We are very satisfied with our decision to choose Samaaro as our virtual event partner for our REI E-Expo. We were walking on egg-shells considering the fact that around 10k participants were to attend the event and with 21 exhibitor booths. But right from customizing the event according to the exhibitors brand guidelines to engaging the audience, Samaaro didn't put a foot wrong, and delivered a stellar Virtual Event experience. Apart from the engagement and interactive features, we liked the convenience it offers its users in terms of the ease of use. "
- Informa Markets