Why virtual events are better
Five Reasons Why Virtual Events Are Better

While both on-ground events and virtual events have their own lists of pros and cons, we must take a step back from the physical events until the pandemic is over and evaluate why Virtual Events are the better bet to

Generate ROI Using Virtual Events
How Can You Generate ROI Using Virtual Events

Virtual events have a wide reach and can target global markets as well. The scalability of virtual events results in lead generation as they are accessible to anyone who has a smart device and internet bandwidth. The more the people

First steps to hosting a successful virtual event
First Steps To Hosting A Successful Virtual Event

A Virtual Event cannot be a mundane session for your audience and hence interactive engagement has to be well thought through. The goal of hosting one through precise planning is to create a memorable experience for those who attend it

Tips for best virtual events experience
7 Tips To Provide The Best Virtual Event Experienc...

Audience engagement is key to the success of your virtual event. This holds especially true for younger audiences that are susceptible to getting distracted very easily. Ensuring that your attendees feel involved throughout the event with lots of interactive things

Ultimate guide to virtual events
Ultimate Guide To Virtual Events

There are many questions surrounding the entire concept of virtual events. Are they just a passing fad? Will people stay engaged during? Will virtual events last beyond the pandemic? What are the advantages of the virtual event? Read on to

Importance of Data Analytics in virtual events
Importance Of Data Analytics In Virtual Events

Data analytics is the process of understanding, analyzing and drawing insights from the available data to make informed business decisions.

Hosting a virtual fair in India
Ultimate Guide To Hosting A Virtual Fair In India

One of the key inclinations of businesses today is to host successful virtual fairs to connect with potential clients & customers and market their various products & services on offer. And in doing so, foster meaningful networking connections through the

Best Virtual Conference Platform Comparison
10 Top Virtual Conference Platforms in 2022

Virtual event platforms have a value proposition that caters to specific pain points of event organizers and attendees, and careful inspection of your event goals and outcomes will guide you to the right virtual conference platform.

Online job fairs
Virtual Job Fairs: Why Employers Should Go Virtual

In an increasingly ‘digitized world, hosting online job fairs seems to be the trend in the post pandemic era. Now, it seems there is no looking back, with the widely-agreed consensus being that virtual job fairs have not only allowed

What Are Virtual Events & Why You Should Host One
What are Virtual Events & Why you should host...

A virtual event is an organized digital meet-up where the attendees can attend the session from all corners of the globe. As the world is currently threatened by coronavirus, businesses are forced to operate remotely or shut down temporarily.