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The coronavirus pandemic has continued to cause great strain to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry as the number of infected patients continue to swell. The initial months saw a sharp decline in pharmaceutical production in the country, attributed to the initial lockdowns imposed that were far more stringent in nature than the present ones. Now that it’s been over half a year since the first phase of the lockdown, pharma companies have been able to steadily recover production and register strong growth percentages in-unit outputs produced.

In spite of all the inconveniences as a result of the pandemic, there have been new opportunities for marketing in the form of online/digital. With in-person conferences still unadvisable to host, now is the right time for pharma companies to harness the power of digital technologies and take their networking events online.

Below are five detailed reasons for Pharma companies to carry out Virtual Conferences & Expos as the pandemic continues on.

1. Easy Manageability For Pharma Companies

Virtual events for pharma companies- Manageability

Virtual events are significantly easier to manage than their physical counterparts. They are devoid of the usual stress associated with managing all of the logistics, equipment, staff, participants, and everything else part of the event.

Furthermore, it doesn’t require physical presence at many different places within constrained time frames. Going virtual also gives hosts a birds eye view of the itinerary extra control to facilitate all procedures for the event, thus making managing everything far more systematic. With the help of the right digital tools such as video conferencing and webinars, you can deliver your attendees a seamless experience that can be proficiently executed.

2. Pharma Companies Earn Greater ROI

Virtual events for pharma companies- ROI

The cost of arranging an in-person event is far greater than its online counterparts. With low marketing costs & reduced operating costs, virtual events cut down investments considerably. Within the event space itself, a lot of money is saved that would otherwise be spent on exhibition booths, banners, stalls, buntings, and so on.

Adding to this, medical societies have been demanding exorbitant fees for sponsorship activities within their events, which would cause investment costs to skyrocket. With the overall costs cutdown in running a virtual event, greater ROI can be expected from the same.

3. Easy Feedback For Pharma Companies

Virtual events for pharma companies- Feedback

Detailed analytics are an important aspect that help understand the behavior of each attendee in your virtual event – something which is extremely tedious to execute in a physical event. All of this data helps become more customer-focused, and along with a continuous feedback loop can help improve products & services.

For pharmaceutical companies especially, it is important to understand both the prescribing habits and the behavior of patients to make products that meet their specific needs. Some tools that can assist with procuring analytical data include in-event surveys, Q&As, and so on.

4. Effective Collaboration Platform

Virtual events for pharma companies- Collaboration

Carrying out a physical event comes with the difficulties of bringing members from across the country, or world, together under one roof. In the context of pharma companies, it is very difficult for medical experts to come together to a fixed venue for the purpose of collaboration.

This concern is completely eliminated in a virtual event, as people from any part of the world can log on to the event with just a click/tap of a button.

Online collaboration can still see the smooth facilitation of drug discovery, innovations in clinical development, discussions on pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical research, and so much more. This advantage has become especially relevant during the COVID-19 outbreak, where even if it was feasible to bring people together – it is strongly not recommended at the present moment.

5. Advanced Technology For Pharma Companies

Virtual events for pharma companies- Platform

The advancements in digital technology over the years has brought incremental improvements in the convenience and efficiency of online networking. State-of-the-art virtual event platforms can meet the demands of both doctors and pharmaceutical experts powered by the right tools to provide them with the most ideal experience. Some of these tools include live video streaming, real-time audience polls, cross-device compatibility, advanced metric dashboards, etc.

Verdict: Why Should Pharma Companies Host Virtual Events?

With all of these incentives to go virtual, pharma companies should turn to virtual events to proliferate their brand visibility and market their products & services to the maximum possible extent, especially during these times where the future is uncertain. Not just for the pandemic, but transitioning to virtual will have long term benefits for businesses and users alike in a post-pandemic world.

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