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Here’s a Virtual Conference Example hosted on Samaaro. Mindray India started operation in the year 2006. Over the last 13 years, Mindray has established its presence both as a leading manufacturer and marketer of medical devices in the Indian healthcare sector.

In a short span of time, Mindray has established a network of sales and support team in India, where all the major cities are represented directly by Mindray employees. Mindray has stayed close to the customers in India by establishing regional offices in Gurugram, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. With the goal to be a trusted partner in building healthier Bharat, Mindray is a complete solution provider that effectively meets customer needs.

Virtual Conference - Mindray - Information Desk

Project Info:

Client: Mindray

Category: Virtual Conference

Date: 27-28th Jun, 2020


Medical and pharmaceutical companies across the world hold national and international conferences, exhibitions, summits, etc. in order to reach out to hospitals, medical experts, and practitioners and inform them about the latest developments in the field of medical sciences. One such event is CUBE where medical experts from across the world join to discuss advances in the field of hematology and cytomorphometery. Cytomorphometry Unveiling Blood Evaluation (CUBE), is a concept that focuses on realizing the true potential of the plethora of information available on Automated Hematology Analyzers.

But, as a result of the on-going pandemic, it was not possible for Mindray to conduct an in-person event for CUBE 2020. Hence, Mindray India, in association with BLK, decided to organize CUBE 2020 digital summit for the first time ever using Samaaro.

Virtual Conference - Mindray - Social Lounge
Virtual Conference - Mindray - Landing Page


Virtual Conference - Mindray - Networking Lounge

With such an elite guest list, it was imperative to attract the audience using immersive technologies.

Virtual Conference - Mindray - Conference Hall

Interactive panel discussions took place between keynote speakers, where detailed deliberation on hematology and cytomorphometery took place.

Virtual Conference - Mindray - Conference Hall

Activities such as Q&A sessions, quizzes and live polls were held.

Virtual Conference - Mindray Exhibition Hall

Virtual stalls, exhibit halls and booths were set-up which showcased the latest offering from Mindray. The audience had the option of clicking on the booth, exploring products and downloading catalogues.


This was the first time Mindray was organizing a virtual event viz. Virtual Conference, merely as an alternative to conventional events. But the response that was received was overwhelming. CUBE 2020 Digital summit featured Enlightening Lectures from National and International Faculties along with many other unique activities.

Here are some of the highlights of the event :

  • 2500+ doctors and experts from over 70 countries participated in the event.
  • 40+ keynote speakers, from elite institutions like AIIMS, Apollo, CMC, etc. had panel discussions on various topics.
  • The event consisted of eminent speakers sharing their research work during sessions conducted seamlessly in the virtual conference halls.
  • Thousands of resources were downloaded during the event.
  • The exhibition booths received great engagement and resulted in leads for Mindray.
  • Overall, the event was a resounding success with doctors from around the world thoroughly enjoying their first virtual event experience.

Client Feedback:

" Using Samaaro for our virtual summit helped us seamlessly engage our audience and inform them at the same time. Absolutely loved it! "