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Events have always been an integral part of the B2B world. It helps us market our products, connect with peers and generate leads for our business. But of late, businesses have replaced traditional events with virtual/online events. Although event organisers are successfully managing to deliver content and generate revenue for their business, attendee engagement seems to have fallen flat.

Hence, it has become imperative to add elements to virtual events that not only make them engaging but also incentivize audience participation during the event. 

At Samaaro, we love to partner with other brands to maximise the impact during online events. It is a great pleasure to announce that Samaaro has collaborated with Swiggy to help event organisers create and deliver highly engaging, interactive, and dynamic event experiences to the audience.

This collaboration has one primary focus – incentivizing audience participation during virtual events, thereby helping event organisers in generating maximum ROI from their events. This collaboration further stretches Samaaro’s credibility as the most engaging virtual event platform in the market.

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Why the Collaboration?

After hosting 10k+ virtual events across 110 countries and 5 continents over the past couple of years, we have realized one thing – audience engagement is the driving force behind an event’s success. After talking with the clients as well as receiving direct feedback from attendees, we realized that to engage audiences in today’s era, organizers need to deliver something unique.

And after much deliberation, we realized the one thing that’s missing in a virtual event compared to an in-person event-  food.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer food to attendees during your virtual event! Because, let’s be honest, breaking bread together, albeit virtually, may be the best thing to happen to virtual events.

It may seem like a logistical ordeal, but Samaaro, along with Swiggy, has a unique offering that has cracked the code.

Read on to know how you can leverage this opportunity.

virtual events engagement - Swiggy Booth Usecase

How Can Event Organizers Leverage this Opportunity?

There are various ways in which this opportunity can be leveraged, but here are a couple of ways we suggest:

  1. Event organizers can purchase Swiggy coupons and integrate them on the platform with gamified features like activity leaderboard, games etc to incentivize attendee participation. Every time an attendee performs a certain action, points will be awarded, and the attendees with the most points will be given Swiggy coupons.

2. Event organisers also have the option of having Swiggy’s 3D virtual booth – a virtual cafeteria where the audience can get Swiggy coupons and order food online through the Swiggy app. Attendees have to merely fill up a sign-up form, and they stand a chance to win free food vouchers up to ₹200.

Practical Example


CETAA was one of our first clients who reaped its benefit, and it was one of the most engaging events hosted on Samaaro. All parties involved – organizers, sponsors, attendees, and Swiggy – loved the idea, and the ROI was huge. CETAA devised newer ways to integrate Swiggy coupons and vouchers with the event.

First off, attendees received points for each action they took on the platform. In addition to that, they received points for additional time spent on the platform. But, the icing on the cake was, the first 100 people to score 1300+ points were to receive Swiggy vouchers worth Rs. 300.

Resultantly, the clients noticed a much higher engagement rate and activities on the platform. Swiggy cafeteria was one of the most frequently visited spaces on  the platform.

For more valuable insights, read the event case study here.


Engagement is the key to the success of any event, and over the course of the coming months, Samaaro is planning to collaborate with more brands and add engagement features that will enable event organizers to host highly engaging virtual events that deliver the right results. 

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