Technogenex 2022 Virtual Alumni Meet

CETAA lobby

CETAA, the alumni body of College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET), wanted to host their annual alumni meet in the virtual medium. But, unlike traditional alumni meets, Technogenex 2022, was conceived as a virtual gala with diverse events, ranging from webinars, virtual exhibitions, and networking events, to various cultural programs and recreational activities.

Furthermore, the organizers wanted to attract people from different walks of life, not just alumni, but also students, business persons, and budding entrepreneurs. Read the virtual alumni meet case study to learn how we helped them host the virtual gala on Samaaro.

Project Info:

virtual alumni meet landing page

Client: CETAA

Category: Virtual Alumni Meet

Date: 7th – 8th May


  1. As it was a large-scale event, hosted for an uninterrupted 24-hour time span, the clients were looking for a highly scalable solution that can assure them of a glitch-free, seamless event experience.
  2. A lot of simultaneous events were on the agenda. For effective management, the client wanted complete control and access management.
  3. The organizer wanted a separate activity leaderboard listing the accumulated points of each alumni batch.
  4. Lastly, the client wanted a welcome video replicating the look and feel of CET.


virtual alumni meet welcome video

A welcome video was created by our team, replicating the look and feel of a CET, as per the client’s guidelines.

CETAA lobby

To offer a fully immersive event experience an animated lobby was designed. The lobby too was built according to the organizer’s specific guidelines.

virtual alumni meet expo wall

As per the client’s requirements, exhibitor booths were segregated into three categories – Premium, Deluxe, and Classic, based on their sponsorship value. For easier navigation, attendees were enabled to visit specific booths from the exhibitor wall itself.

auditorium hall in virtual alumni meet
live agenda

For hosting parallel sessions, three auditoriums were added to the platform. Attendees could move from one auditorium to the other from the live agenda.

engagement features

To make the sessions more interactive, various engaging features were added, such as live reaction, polls, and Q&A. Via Q&A, attendees could directly pose questions to the speakers, whereas live reaction allowed them to react to any session in real-time.

virtual alumni meet leaderboard

To gamify the entire event and boost audience engagement, an activity leaderboard was added. Attendees could earn points for each action they took on the platform. As an added incentive, our partnership with Swiggy allowed the client a unique opportunity to reward top scorers with Swiggy coupons. A separate leaderboard, displaying top-scoring alumni batches, was also added.

Swiggy cafeteria

Our partnership with Swiggy also meant that attendees can visit Swiggy cafeteria to purchase coupons. They also stood a unique chance to win vouchers for free by filling up the Swiggy form.

live agenda

As per their request, complete access management was given to organizers.They could add any session on the agenda and push it live on the fly. Furthermore, from the admin dashboard, they could restrict access or push all the participants to a particular space.

virtual alumni meet networking room

Offering networking opportunities to the attendees was a key objective of the organizers. A networking lounge was created for that purpose. Organizers could create different group meeting rooms and set the agenda on the go. Attendees could join depending on their interests.


  • The event received around 2400 registrations.
  • 900+ people participated in live sessions in auditorium 1 followed by auditorium 2 (700+) and auditorium 3 (600+).
  • A total of 138 connections were made during the event with the networking lounge receiving 400+ footfall.
  • 365 documents were downloaded with a total of 264 videos watched and around 179 survey fill-ups.
  • The first 100 people to score 1300+ points were rewarded with Swiggy vouchers worth Rs. 300.
  • The client was delighted to have organized a vibrant event with active participation from the attendees.