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Imagine a virtual world where event organizers can sit back and generate qualified leads. No more inadequate results. With Virtual Events transforming the events industry, the entire landscape of hosting events has changed. In fact, Virtual Exhibition is one of the topmost events hosted by many organizers. Here is an insight on Virtual Exhibition Platform 2022. 

The exhibition segment captured the largest revenue share of over 30.0% in 2020 and maintains its dominance over the forecast period.

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What is a Virtual Exhibition Platform?

A Virtual Exhibition Platform is an online platform that hosts exhibitions in a virtual environment. It comprises an exhibitor booth, conference hall, exhibition lobby, etc that is customizable as per the company’s brand guidelines. The platform also includes various other features that make the virtual exhibition effortless for the event organizers.

What is a Virtual Exhibition?

A Virtual Exhibition is an online event that enables exhibitors to showcase their products/services virtually to a global audience. The vendors, exhibitors, as well attendees can interact with each other in real-time with audio/video calls, live chat tools, etc.

What makes Virtual Exhibition the preferred choice for leading businesses such as Nestle, and Credai?
To understand this, let’s have a closer look at the features that make the event organizers host the virtual exhibition.

Features of a Virtual Exhibition Platform 2022

1. 3D User Interface

3D - Welcome Lobby - Virtual Exhibition Platform 2022- Samaaro

A Virtual Exhibition Platform with stunning 3D designs provides an unforgettable experience to your audience. This can be achieved by building a highly customizable interface with a compelling landing page. Look for a platform that : 

  • Renders user-friendly 3D designs which create a remarkable welcome lobby, exhibit halls, and auditorium.

  • Draws the audience to have an interactive engagement with the exhibitors.

  • Offers support to the attendees to navigate through the entire virtual exhibition.

2. Customized Exhibitor Booths

Exhibitor Booth - Virtual Exhibition Platform 2022 -Samaaro

Organizing and running behind vendors for setting up the exhibitor booth is one of the major hassles every event organizer faces.  With customized 3D exhibitor booths, event organizers can expand their brand presence during the entire event.

  • DIY Booth Maker: Redefines the virtual exhibition experience. It offers a range of aesthetic designs and helps you optimize to achieve maximum interaction. 

Choose a platform that lets you take full control of the virtual exhibition; and comprises important aspects such as : allowing exhibitors to add brand logos, videos, product catalog, company images, and help showcase their unique stories. 

3. Robust Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard - Feature - Samaaro

The success of a Virtual Exhibition depends on engagement rate and high ROI. With the analytics dashboard feature, event organizers can not only track real-time data but also get a detailed report at the end of the event.

Choose a platform that offers analytics on :

  • The Behavioral Pattern of the Attendee : This keeps a track of the attendee in real-time throughout the event; and lets you track how long the user spent on every virtual booth.

  • Detailed Reports : That helps in capturing real-time the journey of the attendees during the event; and provides post-event details such as the number of users who scheduled a meeting, interacted with the exhibitor, attendance rate, etc.

  • Exhibitor Statistics : That measures the performance of the booth by tracking the booth visits, clicks, content download, and chat activity. 

4. Lead Generation

Automated-Booth Maker- Virtual Exhibition Platform 2022-Samaaro

The main agenda of every organizer and exhibitor is to generate potential leads. Choose a platform that offers features that helps in :

  • Providing an opportunity for branding your business

    Offering precise data analytics for understanding consumer behaviour.

  • Rendering engagement features such as gamification, activity leaderboard, live polls, Q&A, live chat, etc to enhance the engagement rate.

Apart from this, webinars are one of the most immersive visual content that engages the attendees. The platform must offer live as well as pre-recorded webinars to increase the success rate of the virtual exhibition.

5. Integrations

Samaaro Integrations

70.6% of event organizers look for marketing automation integrations before selecting a virtual events platform. 

Integrations are one of the key features that enhance the functionality of the virtual exhibition. Samaaro integrates with – Pay pal, Stripe, Social Media Platforms, Chatbot, and more :

  • It migrates the data automatically between your virtual event and any online tool.

  • Helps set up live webinars on various social media channels.

  • Simplifies the payment process and helps you conduct the event seamlessly.

Virtual Exhibition hosted on Samaaro!

Global Diviners Movement - Virtual Expo - Samaaro

Organized by Global Diviners Movement, Samaaro hosted a two-day Virtual Expo that witnessed a massive virtual footfall from across the world. 

Our team collaborated closely to custom design the entire platform. It reflected a unique way of blending art and meditation. 

Highlights of the Virtual Expo:

  • The Virtual Festival had a diversified global audience; the client was looking for a lot of integrations to seamlessly run the virtual festival.

  • Samaaro organized the Virtual Expo innovatively by setting up a unique welcome lobby, a registration page, and a login page for its participants.

  • Designed 30+ exhibitor booths with customized themes and brand logos of the exhibitors.

  • The entire virtual exhibition generated a huge rate of success, where a total of 1000 leads were generated with over 5000 participants across the world.

  • The virtual festival received 2780 registrations.


Hosting a Virtual Exhibition can be a daunting experience if not chosen the right virtual exhibition platform. Well! We have got you covered! Samaaro  is one of the most powerful virtual & hybrid events platforms that host multiple events. Its immersive features are what make the platform unique from its competitors. 

With a professional team of experts, Samaaro not only offers you a hassle-free virtual event experience but also helps you maximize ROI and increase engagement to a globally diversified audience.

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