Based on a survey, it has been found, “34% of event professionals plan to use the hybrid format for the majority of their events in 2023.” This demonstrates the increasing prominence of mixing in-person and virtual elements in the event sector. Organisers can reach beyond their physical restrictions through hybrid events. They can cater to a bigger audience by allowing people who are unable to attend in person due to distance, travel restrictions, or other factors to participate virtually. Sponsors also stand to gain significantly from hybrid events, as they obtain more exposure for their brand across two unique platforms, resulting in equal benefits on both fronts.

Having said that, effectively engaging attendees at hybrid events poses significant challenges. A hybrid event can provide distinct experiences to broad groups by incorporating both styles, but at the same time, it entails investing twice the effort in crafting distinct participant experiences, catering to both on-site and remote participants. Regardless of the event type, ensuring participants feel included requires active engagement with them. The above statistics show that hybrid events have grown in popularity in recent years, as they offer the best of both worlds. In this blog post, we’ll look at five trending features for hosting effective hybrid events that attract and engage your audience.

Features for Maximum Engagement -

1.Photo Booth & Gallery

The introduction of photo booths in hybrid events expands the opportunity to create lasting memories that extends beyond just in-person attendees to virtual guests as well. Hybrid event platforms enable organizers to create a visually appealing photo booth area at the physical event location, complete with artwork, backdrops, and professional lighting, catering to the in-person audience.

Simultaneously, an online photo booth can also be enabled that allows virtual guests to click and post their own photos with a variety of backgrounds, frames & filters. Moving forward, an attractive photo gallery can be created to display all the pictures posted by both in-person and virtual attendees. This will help build a delightful sense of community where attendees can have access to like and comment on pictures posted by everyone.

This feature encourages conversation, networking, and a sense of support among players, regardless of whether they are present on-site or joining electronically. Attendees get the opportunity to make relationships through face-to-face interactions and mutual recognition.

2. Treasure Hunt

Incorporate a virtual treasure hunt into your hybrid event to provide an intriguing and challenging experience. Use a dedicated event app or web-based platform that allows participants to participate in riddles, find clues, navigate spaces, and earn rewards.

This interactive activity fosters a sense of competitiveness and camaraderie among participants by encouraging exploration, teamwork, and the development of problem-solving skills. It not only allows participants to have fun during the event, but it also helps them collect prizes and achieve recognition on the leaderboard as they successfully navigate the treasure hunt.

3. Activity Leaderboard

In B2B conferences and workshops, a leaderboard for attendees would be highly valuable, allowing organizers to identify their most engaged attendees, customers, or new prospects. Gamification is a powerful tool for driving engagement, and an activity leaderboard adds a healthy dose of competition to your hybrid event. Create a leaderboard that tracks and displays the progress and accomplishments of attendees throughout the event.

Points can be awarded for a variety of activities, such as attending sessions, engaging in conversations, visiting booths or completing challenges. The real-time leaderboard could be visible both at the physical event location and on the virtual event platform, encouraging attendees to participate actively in order to secure a spot on the scoreboard.

4. Social Media Challenges 

Social media plays a substantial role in event marketing by increasing event awareness. Utilize the power of social media by incorporating interactive challenges that encourage participants to connect with and share event-related content. Create unique tasks, such as photo-sharing, event update dissemination, or active participation in event hashtags. Participants that actively contribute should be rewarded with unique items, discounts, or VIP access to future events.

This feature not only increases the event’s visibility on social media but also builds a sense of connection and excitement among participants. Consider including a Q&A session or a live social wall during your hybrid meetings as well. Allow both virtual and in-person attendees to submit questions or tag you on social media in order to appear in the live feed.

5. Pop-up Games 

Rather than relying on pop-ups for merely sales, a more productive strategy involves integration of pop-ups allows participants to get involved in a variety of activities like contests, networking lounges, and demo sessions. You may also choose to include interactive and fascinating pop-up games in the event that can also provide moments of enjoyment and relaxation.

Word finder puzzles, image puzzles, trivia quizzes, and mini-games can be smoothly integrated into session breaks or designated game zones at the event venue. Further, the games can be made available to virtual participants via the event app or website. These activities provide a refreshing break, fostering an atmosphere of relaxation, socialization, and enjoyment, thereby promoting engagement among individuals.

You can build immersive and engaging events that bridge the gap between virtual and in-person attendees by using technology and innovative concepts. As hybrid events become the norm, incorporating these significant traits will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and provide exceptional experiences that will leave a lasting impression on both virtual and in-person attendees. Embrace the power of Samaaro’s engagement features and unlock the full potential of your hybrid events to foster connection, collaboration, and inspiration in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

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