Samaaro Raises Seed Capital to Equip B2B Event Marketers

samaaro fund

SucSEED Indovation Fund led a seed investment round for Bengaluru-based Samaaro, a B2B event-marketing SaaS platform, with participation from Silver Needle Ventures Fund, The Chennai Angels, Lead Angels, Ankit Mehrotra (Founder, Dineout), Khalid Qazi (VP, Swiggy), and other prominent angel investors. The existing angels from their previous round – Kedar Gavane, Shreya Ghorawat, and Chaitanya Kalipatnapu – also participated in this round.

Samaaro wants to become an important part of their marketing stack and enhance company growth for businesses all over the world by assisting them in driving greater ROI from events.

With the help of the event marketing platform Samaaro, B2B marketers and event specialists may increase their company’s development and return on investment (ROI) while organising or attending events.

The platform enables B2B organisations who organise or participate in events to create an unforgettable brand experience while also generating new prospects. The complete and one-of-a-kind platform is beneficial to companies searching for a technological solution to create a memorable event experience, enhance consumer engagement, expand the leads funnel, and maximise marketing ROI through event marketing.

Event sponsorships contribute 80% of the overall income of the events sector,” stated Purnank Prakash, Founder and CEO of Samaaro. Every year, over 5 million businesses engage as sponsors and exhibitors in events throughout the world. However, one of the biggest hurdles for these event marketers is getting qualified leads and effectively analysing their ROI. This is where Samaaro differentiates itself from the competition; unlike typical virtual or hybrid solutions, we focus on maximising lead generation and, as a result, improving the sales funnel for these organisations.

Having commenced operations in June 2020, Samaaro has been leveraged by over a thousand worldwide companies such as ASSOCHAM, Queen’s University, and Informa Markets,” he added. Samaaro has welcomed 1 million people from 150 countries in the previous two years and increased income by 300% year on year. Samaaro is genuinely a “built in India for the world” firm, with overseas clients accounting for nearly 60% of its sales

So far, we have been particularly focused on discovering our PMF and spent conservatively on marketing,” stated Mayank Banka, Founder & President of Samaaro. Healthcare and education are our top performing areas, and we’ve seen significant organic traction, particularly in North America.

Next, we plan to construct a super suite of event marketing tools centred on events such as summits, exhibitions, trade fairs, and product launches,” he continued. The money obtained will be used to expand a leadership team with North American market expertise in order to further promote Samaaro as a leading brand in the event tech area.

About Samaaro:

Purnank Prakash and Mayank Banka founded Samaaro in June 2020 as an event marketing platform that helps B2B marketers and event professionals to enhance their company development and ROI when producing or participating in events. Samaaro has boarded over 1000 companies and hosted 1 million guests from 150 countries with a staff of 25. Samaaro has a significant presence in these areas, generating 60% of its sales from North America and APAC.

Samaaro is addressing the following issue(s):

Every year, over 5 million businesses from all around the world attend conferences, exhibits, and trade fairs. These companies devote a significant portion of their marketing resources on raising brand awareness, generating leads, and driving sales in order to increase revenue. However, most of these organisations fail to produce the necessary effect owing to a lack of appropriate solutions for monitoring attendee information, their interests, and lead nurturing, and event marketing remains one of the most difficult channels to crack.


Samaaro is a technology business that provides B2B marketers and event professionals with a powerful event marketing platform. The platform enables B2B organisations who organise or participate in events to create an unforgettable brand experience while also generating new prospects. Samaaro’s user-friendly platform helps firms to expand their reach through integrated marketing solutions. It provides several networking and engagement options to foster a community of devoted clients. Furthermore, the platform assists these businesses in lead qualifying and transforms visitors into prospects through a cutting-edge dashboard, maximising business growth and event ROI. The complete and unique platform is excellent for companies searching for a technological solution to create a memorable brand experience, promote consumer engagement, broaden the leads funnel, and raise marketing ROI through event marketing.

Founders Information:

Purnank Prakash and Mayank Banka are alumni of NIT Trichy’s 2014 class and have been friends for 12 years. They have more than 8 years of experience designing successful 0 to 1 product for the event-marketing business. They have successfully implemented marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, numerous government organisations, and premier events such as the IPL using unique technologies such as AR, VR, and IoT.

The Market Potential:

The MICE events sector is presently worth over a trillion dollars and expanding at a CAGR of about 13%. The hybrid events business, which grew rapidly during the epidemic, is now worth $120 billion and is anticipated to grow to $400 billion by 2027. North America and APAC account for 60% of this market.