Hybrid Event

Sponsors have always been an integral part of event planning, playing a critical role in supporting and enriching events. Sponsors serve a significant part in the success of events, and their engagement extends far beyond financial assistance. They provide knowledge, industry insights, and essential resources to the event, which improves the overall event experience for attendees. Sponsors demonstrate their dedication to community participation, brand loyalty, and corporate social responsibility by investing in events. Sponsors, in essence, serve as the events’ backbone, encouraging their growth, influence, and long-term viability.

But in return, we need to understand their objectives from participating in the event. It could be to generate leads; it could be to create brand awareness or may be just part of their CSR. Nevertheless, they expect a return on their investment. What if we told you there’s a way to increase the value of your sponsors even more? Event organisers may create tactics that not only benefit sponsors but also improve the entire event experience for attendees by recognising the importance of sponsors and their aims.

Let’s explore some strategies in detail, ensuring that sponsors can maximize their participation and achieve their desired outcomes in hybrid events.

Tips to drive value and leads to sponsors

1. Hosting Hybrid Events
Hybrid events, increases the impact of your events and opens new opportunities for sponsors. Why simply hold traditional in-person events; when you can use the potential of hybrid events to increase sponsor ROI, broaden reach, and create amazing moments for every individual involved. Don’t believe us, here’s a recent report that shows, “50.7% of event marketers surveyed believe that all live events in the future will include some form of digital components.”

2. Give Sponsors Their Own Digital Footprint
Brochures and catalogues are no longer satisfactory for captivating attendees. Provide sponsors with their own digital presence to ensure they stand out. Within the event platform, create a dedicated sponsor page or microsite that includes a visually appealing product gallery, a resource centre, and engaging material. This approach will assist sponsors in efficiently showcasing their products, increasing brand awareness, and encouraging consumers to connect with their information.

3. Implement Multiple Lead Capturing Alternatives
By providing a variety of lead capturing options, sponsors will be able to interact with potential prospects more efficiently. On the sponsor page, provide choices such as a meeting calendar, a “enquire now” button, or a “get in touch with the team” function. By providing different touchpoints, attendees may interact with sponsors in a way that meets their interests, resulting in increased lead generation.

Hybrid Event

4. Gamify Lead Capturing
By gamifying the process, you can turn lead generation into an engaging experience. Instead of just putting business cards into a bowl, try scanning business cards or scanning QR codes to collect leads. Visitors who attend the event and scan QR codes at booths get points, and the top 100 participants are qualified to win prizes. This approach provides organisers with useful information such as popular booths and the average number of visitors to the exhibition halls. It also aids exhibitors in generating leads. This gamification feature will not only make lead generation more pleasant, but it will also inspire attendees to interact with sponsors.

5. Use AI Match-Making for Product Discovery
Use AI matchmaking to improve the attendance experience and drive more leads to sponsors. Create a product discovery tool that offers suitable products based on the interests and preferences of participants. Attendees are more inclined to investigate sponsor products that correspond with their needs when personalised suggestions are made, resulting in greater lead conversion rates. Further, attendees should also be able to search for products while applying necessary filters.

6. Pre-Event Meeting calendar
Before the event, set up a pre-event meeting calendar to allow participants to book meetings with sponsors ahead of time. Send out personalised “Book a Meeting” invitations through email or send engaging push notification that attract the audience, allowing attendees to reserve time slots with potential sponsors. This proactive strategy guarantees that sponsors spend one-on-one time with potential leads, resulting in more meaningful interactions and improved lead conversion rates.

Hybrid Event

Remember that the relationships established, and the value created are at the heart of every successful hybrid event. By allowing sponsors to shine and engage guests in unconventional ways, you will generate a buzz that will last long after the event has ended. Attendees will recall the unique experiences and conversations, sponsors will value the leads and exposure, and your event’s status as a go-to industry meeting will be cemented.

So, include these ideas into your next hybrid event with Samaaro’s holistic solutions. Accept the endless potential of fusing the physical and virtual worlds, and watch as sponsors grow, attendees connect, and your event climb to new heights. Let’s work together to generate more leads, leave a lasting impression, and carve a successful route in the ever-changing world of hybrid events.

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