An event’s first impression is generally formed during the registration and badge printing process. POS machines have revolutionized both the registration and badge printing processes, making events easier for organizers and attendees alike. In this article, we’ll look at three ways a point-of-sale system may streamline the registration and badge printing process for your event: On-the-spot email check-in, QR code check-in, and registration. With Samaaro you can now transform your events, keep reading to find out how.  

Spot Check-in Using QR Code

With their widespread use in modern technology, QR codes are ideally suited for event registration. Here’s how QR codes and point-of-sale devices facilitate on-spot check-in: 

Pre-registration: Attendees pre-register online and are sent a confirmation email containing a unique QR code, much like the email-based system. 

Integration with Point-of-Sale Machines: QR code scanner-equipped POS machines are stationed at check-in desks and other access points. 

Effortless Check-In: guests scan their QR code at the point-of-sale terminal using either their mobile device or a printed hard copy. Within seconds, the system will confirm their registration and give a badge. 


  • Checking in without making physical touch and using paper has many advantages. 
  • The requirement for attendees to print out confirmation emails is eliminated when QR codes can be scanned directly from a smartphone. 
  • Attendees are more satisfied with an event that has a quick and easy check-in process. 
Spot Check-in Using Email

Spot check-in through email is one of the most practical ways to speed up event registration and badge printing. This is how it functions: 

Pre-registration: Attendees must register for the event in advance online, providing their contact information, event preferences, and any other relevant details.  

Event Check-In: On the day of the event, attendees arrive at the check-in counter. Instead of presenting a physical ticket or QR code, they simply provide their registered email address to the event staff. 

Email Verification: The event staff enters the attendee’s email address into a point-of-sale (POS) machine or check-in system. The system then verifies the email address against the registration database. 

Badge Printing: Once the email address is verified, the POS machine prints a badge or ticket for the attendee, granting them access to the event. 


  • Less time spent waiting for check-in means a better experience overall. 
  • Improved precision as a result of a more direct connection to the source data. 
  • Participants value the ease of having their badges waiting for them at registration. 
  • POS machines are easier to procure, and organizers can increase/decrease the quantity based on anticipated traffic without burning pockets. 
Spot Registration

On-the-spot registration is a must-have for events when people decide to arrive at the last minute. Point-of-sale terminals can greatly facilitate this: 

On-Site Registration: To ease on-the-spot registration, event organizers will have point-of-sale devices available at the location. 

Data Entry: Customers give their information to the staff who enter it into a point-of-sale terminal. Name, contact information, and preferences can all be part of this. 

Badge Printing: The POS machine prints out a badge for each guest after their information is entered. 


  • Allows guests to join the event at their convenience. 
  • Facilitates data entry and lessens the possibility of human error. 
  • Allows for a wider variety of attendees to be accommodated by organizers. 
  • Can also collect payments for on-spot registrations with integrated apps via POS machines. 

In conclusion, POS machines may dramatically improve the registration and badge printing phases of event administration. The advantages of on-the-spot registration, whether through email, QR codes, or manual check-in, are clear: increased efficiency, more accuracy, and a more positive experience for everyone involved. Samaaro is the future of event management, so get on board now! 

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