How brands are turning pandemic into business opportunity

The outbreak of the pandemic is changing the world in ways we’ve never seen before. Figures published by a data intelligence company indicates that concerns over Coronavirus led to a surge in cancellation and postponement of events February onwards. Keeping in mind that organizations allot a certain part of their budget to events and tradeshows, the new normal is likely to create a spurt in digital marketing and virtual events. The faster the companies embrace the norms of the new normal, the more edge they get over their competitors who are slow to react. The aim of a brand when hosting events and exhibitions is to generate leads and engage with their select audience. This status quo has given brands and organizations enough time to review their marketing strategy and move ahead with the changing times. Virtual Events have provided a terrific business opportunity to grow and gain wider visibility, and to overcome the high prices that come with hosting physical events and focus their budgets on making the user experience more interactive.

While the entire world has been forced to stay back home, brands have recognised this as the perfect time to grow their consumer base and are utilising Virtual events to reach a wide audience. Brands are now targeting a global audience because of the leads they are generating through their events. A successfully conducted Virtual Event is likely to create a buzz in the social landscape and will be highly shared by the attendees. Organisers, participants and speakers will be digitally talking about the event which in turn creates publicity through word of mouth. This can lead to more subscribers and consumers for the brand.

Brands are also aiming for industry recognition through this novel marketing tool. If the audience which has attended the event is satisfied, the brand image gets an organic boost and will achieve a known status in its sector. In order to achieve this, brands are focusing on improving the quality of their content so that they can capture the attention of their audience. Getting good speakers for interactive sessions is a way through which brands are engaging their audience.


Virtual summit networking lounge

Online communities go a long way in promoting brands and showcasing audience loyalty towards brands. It’s one of the best ways to get more audience base for a long-term affiliation. Through Virtual Events, brands are now reaching out to the existing online communities and letting them exclusively interact with the brand and its products. Usually, when a consumer visits a physical store, there is no special attention given to each one of them. However, interaction on virtual platforms is much more personal and is more engaging than in physical locations. Brands are also studying their consumers’ behaviour as part of grabbing a business opportunity through virtual event platforms. These insights will help them in understanding what is working with their target audience.

Planning and executing a Virtual Event takes time and persistence but the result is well worth the effort. As long as your Virtual Event strikes a chord with your audience base, you get the edge over all your competitors.

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