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Awarded 30 Best Tech Startups in India at TechSparks 2020 by YourStory. Samaaro - Best Virtual Event Platform
Samaaro Best Virtual Event Platform in India and the world
Samaaro: The Most Powerful Virtual Event Platform for the Organizer
Learn why Brands from across the globe vouch for Samaaro as their preferred Virtual Event Platform

One Platform for all Your Virtual Event Needs

Host impactful Virtual Conferences, Virtual Tradeshows, Virtual Exhibitions and more, seamlessly. Defy geographical barriers and reach global audiences, effectively.

Samaaro - Best Virtual Event Platform for Organizers

Host the perfect Virtual Event

Create the most spectacular virtual events guaranteed to leave your audience in awe, without burning a hole in your wallet. Leverage End-to-End support with World-Class features such as:

Unlimited Personalization

Bring your imagination to life by customizing the entire Virtual Event from start to finish

Intuitive Virtual Spaces

Choose from a wide range of personalized virtual spaces and features to create immersive experiences

Insightful Analytics

Truly understand your audience to deliver the right experience at the right time, all the time.

& More!!

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Samaaro - Best Virtual Event Platform for Users

Engage your Audience at every step

Leverage a platform designed to provide an immersive and interactive experience to attendees throughout your virtual event

Effortless Networking

Connect easily with people from around the world and build valuable relationships

Interactive Sessions

Host engaging sessions for attendees with moderated Q&A, Live Quizzes, Polling & more

Activity Leaderboard

Incentivize participation by rewarding users who remain active during the Virtual Event

& More!!

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Popular Virtual Event Solutions

Be it Virtual Conferences or Virtual Trainings, Samaaro enables organizers to host various scalable and effective Virtual Events to achieve their business goals.

Admin Dashboard

Orchestrate your virtual event to perfection without breaking a sweat

Meeting Scheduler

A simple Lead Generation tool that allows attendees to schedule meetings effectively

Real Time Analytics

Get unprecendented insights into your audiences' behavior and create impactful experiences

Product Finder

An Intuitive search facility that makes it easier to find products that match your interest

My Bag

Save resources such as documents and videos for leisure viewing and downloading

Our Virtual Event Projects

From International Summits to Award Shows, explore few of our past and upcoming Virtual Event projects to understand how organizations leverage Samaaro

CUBE 2020: MINDRAY SUMMIT hosted on Samaaro Virtual Event Platform
Past Events


International digital Summit with over 2500 participants from over 70 countries.

HERBALIFE CONFERENCE hosted on Samaaro Virtual Event Platform
Upcoming Events


International Distributors Expo to inform and educate product dealers.

ELETS BFSI NEXTGEN SUMMIT hosted on Samaaro Virtual Event Platform
Past Events


A Nation wide Virtual Summit conducted by ELETS Technomedia for BFSI.

PROVIDENT WOODFIELD LAUNCH hosted on Samaaro Virtual Event Platform
Past Events


India's first Digital Real Estate Launch hosted on Samaaro.

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