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A Feature Packed Virtual Event Platform Designed To Help You Host Immersive Virtual Events

A Feature Packed Virtual Event Platform Designed To Help You Host Immersive Virtual Events
360° Customization
360° Customization

360° Customization

We at Samaaro believe that in order to host the right event, it is essential for organizers to infuse their brand theme with the event venue - in person or virtual.

In this vein, we have introduced many advanced virtual event platform features that are specifically designed to help you have complete control of the event, right from planning to execution.

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Admin Dashboard

Create Live Polls, Q&As and Quizzes in real-time and engage your attendees like never before.

Last minute pull-outs? Do not worry! Modify agenda on the fly and keep your attendees updated with the latest.

Have an announcement to make? Make it heard with our Push Live Notification feature.

Now, have more control over the tone and tenor of your chat room, with our all-new moderated chat feature.


3D User-Interface

Our virtual event platform features an advanced 3D User-Interface (UI) that provides an immersive event experience to your attendees. All the spaces are also fully customizable, enabling stakeholders to accentuate their branding.

Maximize Brand Visibility
Highly Immersive & Engaging

Analytics Dashboard

Deep dive into data with our sophisticated analytics dashboard that gives you real-time access to metrics that you care about most, and gain valuable insights.

Analytics dashboard of Samaaro

Virtual Event Platform Features to Engage Your Audiences

Live Chats

Help your attendees voice their opinion during live sessions, webinars and meetings.

Leverage our game mechanics to engage your attendees and accomplish event goals.

Spark your attendees’ interest and incentivise their participation with our in-built leaderboard.

Gauge the mood of your attendees in real-time via the live reaction feature.

A Platform Built For Networking​

Meeting Rooms
Video Calls

Match your attendees based on similar interests and help them build meaningful relationships.

Create agenda-based meeting rooms for participants, where they can to connect, interact and discuss topics of their interest.

Empower your attendees to communicate and interact effectively via HD video 1:1 group and video calls.


Seamless Integration with your favourite tools enables Samaaro to remain flexible and extensible
for any event you may want to host!




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