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The Best Virtual Trade Show Platform to Host Online Trade Shows that Engage, Immerse & Inform

Leverage Samaaro to host virtual trade shows that help you gain a global footprint, generate leads and fast-track your sales growth.

Awarded 30 Best Tech Startups in India at TechSparks 2020 by YourStory. Samaaro - Best Virtual Event Platform

Our Global Clientele

Samaaro works with businesses of all sizes and has been trusted by companies from across the globe. Here are a few of them.

Samaaro: The Most Powerful Virtual Event Platform for the Organizer
Learn why Brands from across the globe vouch for Samaaro as their preferred Virtual Event Platform

Deliver A Stunning Virtual Tradeshow Experience

A great virtual event starts with a great visual appeal. We, at Samaaro, help you build and design the most interactive & intuitive virtual trade shows.

Right from a custom landing page, which will help you set the tone for the event, to custom exhibitor booths, which will help you present your brand image and products the right way, we will help you in designing it all.

Organize Immersive Virtual Trade Shows, With High ROI

We, at Samaaro, understand the intent behind hosting a Virtual Trade Show, and we cater to these specific requirements and pain-points through our virtual event tech solution.

Through our unique features, few of which are mentioned below, you are sure to amplify attendance, drive engagement and drum up your sales during the event.

Empowering Trade Show Organizers With:
Automoted Boothmaker
Real-Time Data Analytics
Product Gallery
Custom Branding & Themes
Samaaro - Best Virtual Event Platform for Users

Samaaro- The Best Virtual Trade Show Platform

Transform your Virtual Trade Show into a highly interactive affair on Samaaro, which provides participants of the event, exhibitors and attendees alike, to connect with each other and grow their network.

Effortless Networking

Connect with people from around the globe with our in-built One-On-One & Group Audio and Video calls

Branding & Visibility

Integrate your brand's theme throughout the platform and establish a global footprint.

Lead Generation

Generate genuine leads that help you grow your business using our in-built tools such as Product Queries, Get in touch & more.

& More!!

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Host Immersive Virtual Trade Shows On Samaaro

Take your event experience to the next level with Samaaro's exclusive features built to provide an interactive event experience.

Here are some of them:

Variable Passes

Bifurcate audiences with free & paid tickets into different segments, with each segment having it's own unique privileges.

Product Finder

It is a feature that empowers attendees to search & find people, products, sessions & exhibitors of their interests.

Meeting Scheduler

Enable your audience to schedule meetings before or during the event with the preferred point of contact.


Add zing to your Virtual Events with Samaaro's immersive gaming solutions.

Explore more
Unique Features such as Vairable Passes, Personal Briefcase, Meeting Scheduler and more on Samaaro - The Best Virual Trade Show Platform

Virtual Trade Show Platform Spaces

Discover Samaaro's exclusive 3D Spaces that enable you to deliver a close-to-real event experience to a global audience.

Our Virtual Trade Show Projects

Explore few of our past and upcoming Virtual Event projects to understand how organizations use Samaaro

Respi Konnect 2020 Virtual Summit hosted on Samaaro, the Best Virtual Event Platform
Past Events


Virtual Summit for the APAC region in the field of Pulmonology.

CUBE 2020: MINDRAY SUMMIT hosted on Samaaro Virtual Event Platform
Past Events


International Digital Summit with over 2500 participants from over 70 countries.

Innovation Digi Virtual Conference hosted on Samaaro, the Best Virtual Event Platform
Past Events


Virtual Conference on Big Data, Robotics, and other AI technologies

HERBALIFE CONFERENCE hosted on Samaaro Virtual Event Platform
Upcoming Events


A Virtual Conference designed to upskill Participants

Ready to host the Best Virtual Trade Shows?

Start working with Samaaro: the Best Virtual Trade Show Platform that provides you with everything you need to generate awareness, engage, network and connect your audiences, virtually!

Why Samaaro?

Here are a few reasons why Samaaro needs to be your go-to Virtual Event platform when hosting virtual Trade Shows.

24x7 Global Support

Right from creating the event to delivering it, we assure dedicated customer support via call/email.

End-To-End Customization

Our platform allows you to develop, design and deliver the event exactly the way you want it.

Turnkey Event Management

We handle every aspect of your virtual event to help you have a seamless experience.

Global Clientele

Our platform has been used and loved by the best companies across the world.

Fast-track Project Delivery

At Samaaro, we deliver projects faster than ever before, without compromising on the quality.

Post-event Support

After the event, an analytics report is shared to help you understand how your event fared.

Virtual Trade Show Platform FAQs

How many attendees and exhibitors can a virtual Trade Show host?

A virtual Trade Show can have an unlimited number of visitors and exhibitors at any given time.

No. All one requires to attend/host an event on Samaaro is a device and an internet connection.

An exhibitor booth is a virtual space where visitors can interact with exhibitors, view images, download brochures, play videos and schedule meetings.

Samaaro is the best virtual Trade Show platform that offers a ton of features that allow event organizers to effectively engage audiences and generate massive ROI.

It typically takes between 48 to 72 hours to create a virtual Trade Show on Samaaro

Virtual trade show Platform FAQs - Samaaro