Take Up Event Networking to the Next Level with Samaaro

Offer unlimited event networking opportunities to your attendees. Be it in-person or virtual networking, we offer solutions that cater to any and every type of event.

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Comprehensive Solution for Networking in Events

User Profile Builder

While joining the event, set up your user profiles with professional details, contact info and social media profiles. Find better & quicker matches and make meaningful connections with other attendees. Organizers have a better understanding of attendee demographics and can run better post-event marketing campaigns.

User Profile builder for better networking opportunities
Event netwokring solutions - meeting scheduler

Meeting Scheduler

Our in-built meeting scheduler enables attendees to book a meeting with exhibitors, organizers and brand representatives. Check for the other person’s availability with a shared planner and schedule meeting in a few easy steps. Create a swift workflow around our full-stack event networking solution.

Business Card Exchange

Switch to the more convenient, flexible and adaptable option of virtual business cards – an effective way of online networking in business events. Add your social media profiles, contact info and QR codes on the card to expand your professional network.

Business card exchange in virtual event networking
Audio Video Call Feature Samaaro Hybrid Event Platform

Attendee Chat & Video Call

A potent solution to reduce the physical gap between in-person attendees and remote attendees. Let everyone connect with each other via direct chat and have a face-to-face interaction via video calls. Relationship building & boosting event engagement have never been easier.

Meeting Organiser

Want to convene a meeting with select participants? Do it in a few easy steps – create and schedule a meeting, set an agenda & send the meeting request. Keep everyone posted on the agenda so that they can put their best foot forward – get novel and exceptional ideas.


Meeting Organizer Event Networking

Why Samaaro?

Find out what exactly makes us the best event networking software in the market



Live AI captioning and professional interpreter support in every event. Language is not an impediment in networking activities.


Social media integration, CRM integration, payment gateway integrations and everything else to run a successful event.

24x7 Support

Last minute changes? Need to scale up? No sweat, our team has got your back. We allow you the leeway host it the way you imagined it.

Device Agnostic

Access Samaaro from any device you prefer. Be it desktop or mobile, use our event networking solutions without any hitch.

Event Networking Platform FAQs

From the attendee list, you can directly send a connection request to a fellow attendee or send a text message asking for their availability to connect at a certain time. You can exchange your card to keep in touch with them after the event.

While joining create a user profile by filling up all the necessary details. The more information you share the easier it is to find potential matches with similar interests, common goals.

Absolutely. We allow virtual attendees to chat or get on a call with the physical attendees. You can share your virtual business card as well.

• Make connections with at least three people you don’t know.
• Share your business cards with a minimum of five people.
• Look for strategic targets who you know might be present at the event.
• Schedule a meeting after the event.