Our Story

2015 - Founding

Samaaro Story - Founding Team

Four friends, avid gamers with a passion for technology and entrepreneurship, quit their jobs to start a gaming company that offered game development services along with the latest gadgets on rent for gamers to enjoy from the luxury of their homes! Thus Tacnik was born. The company was officially registered in 2016.

2016 - Growth

Customer obsession was an innate quality and this helped quickly spread the word about our services across businesses. We began receiving requests to setup gaming zones for corporate annual days, team building and marketing events. This opportunity showcased the dearth of tech based engagement options for businesses and hence, we decided to expand our horizons by venturing into novel experience creation for audience engagement.

Samaaro - Story - Growth

2017 - Expansions & Partnerships

Samaaro - Story - Partnerships
Along with adding talented individuals to Our Team, we also added multiple immersive technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality & brainwave technology into our arsenal. By creating experiential-tech solutions for marketing, training, and collaborations, clients from across the country were approaching us for innovative and cost-effective solutions to engage their employees and customers. Strategic alliances with government institutions and Fortune 500 companies, such as Delhi Police, Chennai Museum, NABARD, Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco, Bank of America etc., paved the way for future projects. Our list of client and projects increased exponentially.

2018 - Branch & Awards

With an evident need to expand operations, we setup offices across India to optimize our services to clients. Our consistent efforts also gave rise to our first national recognition. We were awarded as one of the Top 20 most promising Virtual Reality Solutions Provider of 2018.

Samaaro - Story - Awards

2019 - Innovation & Vision

Samaaro - Story -Innovation

With a myriad of technologies at our disposal, we ventured into providing enterprise solutions for Organizations that are innovative, cost-effective and scalable. We designed training modules in VR, Experience zones using various technologies, enterprise solutions using AR, & more. Our vision was now aligned to build a product that can be scaled across the globe, using our experience across industries and our skill to engage people across all demographics.

2020 - Product Crystallization

2020 has been a roller coaster ride to say the least! With the pandemic bringing industries to a grinding halt, we as entrepreneurs understood that it is our responsibility to help others through the tough times. Our experience in the events industry combined with our tech expertise, provided us insights into what constitutes a successful event and what our organizers & their audiences require for a fulfilling event experience.

Samaaro Story - Product Crystallization

2020 - Samaaro

Samaaro - Story

Hence, the team did what seemed most natural: create a digital platform to host immersive events with a focus on engagement and networking. With months of conceptualization, designing and a lot of hard work, we finally launched Samaaro: The most powerful Virtual Event Platform! In the short time span since launch, our clients have realized the limitless potential our platform offers and have hosted global events to effectively reach their audience. With proven ROI and results, Samaaro has become the go-to virtual event platform for organizers around the world!

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