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Medical Sciences Virtual Event With Mindray!

CUBE 2020 Mindray International Virtual Summit hosted on Samaaro

Know Your Host

Mindray is a global medical instruments manufacturer that set up shop in India in 2006. With regional offices in Gurugram, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, Mindray is a trusted partner to the Indian healthcare sector - offering comprehensive medical solutions for customers.

Purpose Of The Event

To reach out to hospitals, medical experts, & practitioners for a discussion on the latest developments in medical sciences as part of the ‘CUBE 2020’ event. This year’s focus corresponded to the fields of hematology and cytomorphometry.

Key Features

  1. The use of immersive technologies

  2. Lectures by national & international faculties

  3. Panel discussions

  4. Q&A sessions

  5. Virtual stalls

  6. Quizzes

  7. Leaderboard charts

  8. Exhibit stalls & booths

Challenges Faced

  1. COVID-19 pandemic

  2. Hosting CUBE 2020 virtually for the first time ever

  3. Co-ordinating the presence of medical experts from across India


  1. Overall participation of over 2,500 attendees from 70+ countries

  2. Panel discussions from 40+ speakers from institutions like AIIMS, Apollo, CMC, and more

  3. Research work conducted seamlessly in the virtual conference halls

  4. Latest offerings of Mindray featured on exhibition stalls and booths

  5. A successful experience for doctors going virtual for the first time

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the importance of all those involved in the medical field cannot be overstated. And we at Samaaro are proud to have partnered with Mindray to connect practitioners across the country and facilitate discussions on important developments in healthcare.

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Audience Retention


Audience Retention

Client Feedback

" Using Samaaro for our virtual summit helped us seamlessly engage our audience and inform them at the same time. Absolutely loved it! "

- Mindray Liaison