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A Virtual Award Ceremony For SRF’s Exceptional Employees Of The Year!

virtual award ceremony by SRF

Know Your Host

SRF is a manufacturing company that is committed to improving the quality of life of people through its range of products & services that consist technical textiles, engineering plastics, fibers, chemicals, and so on. Some of the awards they have received over the years include the Deming Prize, CII Sustainability Awards, and a listing on Asia’s Best ‘Under a Billion’ list by Forbes in 2011. With 11 manufacturing plants in India, 1 in Thailand, and 1 in South Africa, SRF caters to customers spread over 75 countries.

Purpose Of The Event

To recognize and award the best performing employees of the year, on a virtual event.

Key features

  1. Sand art performance

  2. Musical ensemble (featuring a group compilation of the song ‘Mile Sur Mera Tumhara’)

  3. Green screen shots of the MC and speakers

  4. Awareness drive on COVID-19

  5. Quizzes & polls with rewards for correct answers

Challenges Faced

  1. COVID-19 pandemic

  2. Inability to host the event at a physical location

  3. Gathering the entirety of the audience onto a virtual platform

  4. Taking the award ceremony online for the first time


  1. Larger audience turnout than expected

  2. Participation was tremendous

  3. Consistent viewership throughout the event

As a company that believes in appreciation for the dedication of employees, we enjoyed hosting this virtual ceremony with SRF. The show was a massive success, and we hope all the employees had a good time!

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Audience Retention


Audience Retention

Client Feedback

" Samaaro breathed life into our award ceremony. It was innovative, interactive and simple to use. And the customer support was amazing. "

Samaaro client SRF
- SRF Liaison