WIHSE 2021: International Virtual Conference Example

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Here’s a Virtual Conference Example, which was hosted on Samaaro. Vconex, collaborated with MOGSC- the largest National level independent industry association, promoted and driven by the services sector of the Malaysian Oil & Gas Industry to organize Women In Health Safety & Environment 2021 on Women’s Day. WIHSE 2021 was a perfect international virtual conference example that focused on addressing the main challenges faced by women in today’s world, and to reflect on how we can solve these problems.

The program format included keynote addresses from top female executives of the biggest Oil and Gas Companies in Malaysia, Panel Sessions, Interactive Group Discussions and a plenitude of networking opportunities.

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Project Info:

Client: WIHSE

Category: Virtual Conference

Date: 08 Mar, 2021


  • Since it was a virtual conference hosted at an international level, which was going to be attended by top-level executives, a lot of integrations were required to ensure that the entire event runs smoothly.

  • It was imperative that the event was free of glitches, all the more because it was being participated by members from the government of Malaysia.

  • Networking, engagement and analytics were among other things that the clients had laid emphasis on.


Conference hall of WIHSE

Integrations, such as Cisco webex for video conferencing, were integrated with the platform, to enable the organizers and attendees have smooth virtual event experience.

Plenty of dry runs and tests were conducted in collaboration with the client to make sure that the platform is glitch-free.

Multi-level attendee passes were created for the event, with different levels of access being granted based on the type of pass.

A highly accurate conference tracker was enabled to track the sessions and the attendees.

A networking lounge and a product booth were set up to help organizers and attendees build meaningful connections.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • The client was extremely pleased with the platform and all the integrations which ensured a seamless event delivery.

  • Various issues concerning the safety and health of women were addressed through impactful keynote addresses and panel discussions.

  • All the attendees who had paid for the conferences were reimbursed by the Govt of Malaysia, which was tracked using the conference tracker.

Client Feedback

"Samaaro is an extremely well-designed software that allows a lot of leeway in terms of customization and integrations. Furthermore, features like live Q&As and networking lounge with agenda specific meeting rooms are some of the aspects that were appreciated by the event sponsors."