Waterways Conclave 2022 - Hybrid Summit

waterways conclave info desk

Organized by the Ministry of Ports , Shipping and Waterways (India) along with the Inland Waterways Authority of India, the two-day hybrid event focused on the optimum use of regional waterways in the Northeast region. The event witnessed active collaboration between India and its neighbouring countries on inland water transportation and maritime relations.

Project Info:

waterways conclave landing page

Event Name- Waterways Conclave 

Event Type- Hybrid Summit

Client– Ministry of Ports , Shipping and Waterways (India)

DateApril 11-12, 2022


The event was going to be participated by some top delegates and bureaucrats. Hence the client wanted a platform that’s easy-to-use and engaging. 


waterways conclave welcome lobby

A customized welcome lobby with all the brandings and sponsors of the event was created. The platform also consisted of a navigation bar which helped the attendees in navigating through the platform.

waterways-conclave conference hall 2
waterways conclave conference hall 1

Two conference halls were created as per the requirements, named Brahmaputra & Barak. Each of these conference halls consisted of features like Live Chat and Live Reactions to add engagement and interactivity to the event.

waterways conclave photobooth

A photobooth was available from where attendees could click selfies with the client’s branding in the frame. The attendees had the option of downloading the selfies or sharing it on social media platforms.

waterways conclave feedback form

Lastly, a feedback form was available from where attendees could give their genuine feedback regarding the event.


  • More than forty national and international companies, stakeholders, industry leaders, and policymakers participated in the conclave
  • The event received nearly 1500 registrations. 
  • The client was elated with the platform, which managed to engage the attendees.