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Developments in AI have created new market opportunities in the semiconductor & electronics industry. With the objective of sharing insights on how AI is driving the hardware and software ecosystem in the country, IESA organized a two-day global summit bringing together industry professionals, business leaders, and market experts in the same platform. They also wanted to foster the startup ecosystem by throwing the spotlight on emerging startups. Let’s talk in depth about the solutions we provided and the results we achieved together.

ai summit landing page

Project Info:

Client: IESA

Category: Virtual Summit

Date: 11-12th May, 2022


  • With 50+ speakers and industry professionals from over 100 countries, IESA AI Summit was truly a large global summit organized with a specific focus on the impact of AI on semiconductors & electronics industry.
  • Around 30 sessions, panel discussions, keynotes and startup showcases were on the agenda. It was essential to scale up the platform for a smooth performance.


ai summit landing page
speakes in virtual summit

A customized landing page was designed highlighting the event agenda, schedule, speakers and sponsors. The event was split up in two sessions – morning and afternoon.

IESA AI virtual summit conference hall

For hosting interactive sessions, it was prerequisite that the attendees feel connected to the event. So, it was necessary to incorporate various engaging features such as live reactions, and polls. Live reactions enabled the attendees to express their reactions via emoticons whereas polls were added to get direct feedback from the attendees.

ai summit conference hall

The client wanted an interactive environment, where attendees could have an informative discourse with the speakers and panellists. We established a direct line of communication between the speakers and attendees via live Q&A feature. Attendees could address the speaker directly and ask questions.

virtual summit case study - networking lounge

Lastly, a networking lounge was available for participants to connect, converse and interact with each other. Furthermore, the networking lounge offered agenda based meeting rooms to facilitate meaningful connections and conversations between the attendees.


  • The summit received 1500+ registrations.
  • More than 500 people watched the sessions live and 300+ people participated in the meeting room discussions.
  • High engagement rate was noticeable throughout the event.

Client Feedback:

" We are very happy with the way the summit turned out. The event was customized as per our requirements and was very easy to use. Looking forward to working with Samaaro again."