Virtual Summit - Help Desk

Here’s a virtual summit example, hosted on Samaaro. Speakers from two organisations – The European Union and The Government of Jamaica collaborated to demonstrate how their partnership has worked to advance inclusive development and to highlight the importance of the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) function as an important feature of national development, and the value of applying results-based management principles in policy making and implementation.

Virtual Summit - Lobby

Project Info: Virtual Summit Example

Client: The Government Of Jamaica

Category: Virtual Summit 

Date: 30th March, 2021


The two organizations were looking for an innovative virtual event platform to host the summit, since it was not possible to organize a live event. The client wanted the event to provide networking opportunities for the speakers and the audience.


Virtual Summit - Lobby

The event was completely customized as per the client’s requirements and Virtual Standees, Booths and Posters were set-up across the virtual venue.

Virtual Summit - Auditorium

A conference hall with features such as Live Q&As and Live Polls was available, which helped the client deliver speeches effectively, and take questions from the audience at the same time.

Virtual Summit - Resource Centre

A resource center was available for the audience, from where they could view and download different files offered by the organizers.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • Renowned speakers from several top level organizations like the United Nations spoke during the event.

  • Live Q&As feature in the conference hall opened up a channel between the attendees and the speakers.

  • 5000+ attendees participated in the event, out of which nearly 75% of the attendees stayed back till the conclusion of the event.

Client Feedback:

"As agreed upon, the event consisted of many features like the Live Q&As that helped the speakers and the attendees communicate with each other. We were also provided with a detailed analytical report of the event with insights. Overall we are happy with the product and we recommend it to anyone who is looking to host a virtual conference."
-The Government of Jamaica