Virtual Conference Example - National General Assembly 2021

Virtual Conference - Event Lobby

Here’s a Virtual Conference Example, where The Medical Student Association Of India  collaborated with Samaaro to host the National General Assembly 2021. It the first, largest, nationally and internationally represented, non-government organization of medical students from across India.

The National General Assembly is an annual celebration of capacity building, member engagement and decision making for MSAI.

Virtual Conference - Networking Lounge

Project Info: Virtual Conference Example

Client: Medical Students Association India

Category: Virtual Conference

Date: 25th -30th May, 2021


  • This was the first time MSAI was hosting the National General Assembly virtually, in the wake of the ongoing pandemic.

  • There was an emphasis on making the platform very aesthetically pleasing, considering speakers from WHO-India were scheduled to participate.

  • Since the event was being handled by medical students, there was a time-constraint, and the delivery of the project had to be done quickly.


Virtual Conference Hall Samaaro

The 5-day long event kicked-off on 25th March and sported exquisitely-designed spaces like the Welcome Lobby, Conference Hall, Networking Lounge and Private Meeting Rooms, which provided an enriching visual experience for the participants.

Virtual Conference Hall with Live Q&A

With features such as Live Polls & Q&As, 8 engaging video sessions were conducted, out of which one of the sessions was delivered by Dr. Anuj Sharma and Dr. Dilip Mairembam from World Health Organization- India, during which they spoke on how they have been carrying out their phenomenal work during the pandemic.

Virtual Conference - Exhibitor Booth

Additionally, 8 workshops were organized which provided a real workshop-like experience, with facilitated conversations and visually-captivating presentations.

Virtual Conference - Exhibitor Hall

A compelling exhibition hall with 5 exhibitor booths was set up, from where attendees could click & enter any exhibitor booth, access the product gallery, recourse center, or get in touch with the MSAI team to maximize lead generation.

Virtual Conference - Gamification

Attraction technologies such as photobooth and the mosaic wall were part of the event which prompted a collaborative and interactive virtual environment.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • 500+ Registrations including 284 Delegates

  • 50 Connection Requests Sent

  • 8 Workshops Handled By 38 Trainers

  •  Engagement rate of 76% was recorded

Client Feedback

This was the first time we were hosting the National General Assembly on a digital platform, and there were guests from World Health Organization-India who were invited to speak during the event, and needless to say, the margin for error was small. But I am glad to say that the National general Assembly was a massive success, all thanks to Samaaro’s brilliant virtual event platform. We were able to customize the event, and keep our sessions engaging, with polls, quizzes and games. "The exhibitor booth was what knocked it out of the park for us. The features available there helped us generate a lot of leads. Thank you Samaaro for helping us host one of the best National General Assemblies ever"