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TechTalk Summits hosts networking events for IT professionals to gather and engage in face-to-face networking events, addressing mission-critical issues and exploring transformative technologies, ensuring data security and empowering organizations for the future.
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In-Person Event Technology, Mobile Web Application, Ticketing and Check-in

Our experience with team Samaaro was nothing short of exceptional. From start to finish, the entire process was made smooth and efficient by their team. Their innovative solutions significantly increased engagement at our event, and all our major issues were promptly resolved. It was a pleasure working with Samaaro

– Tech Talk Summits

Client Challenges:

TechTalk Summits, a specialized organization hosting over 200 in-person events annually, caters to IT decision-makers and influencers, aiming to facilitate connections between solution providers and technology decision-makers. However, Tech Talk Summits has encountered significant operational challenges that necessitating effective solutions.

While the client had individual solutions for different aspects such as ON24 for the virtual component, Vfairs for ticketing and registration, and Hubilo for sponsorship, these platforms could not provide the level of customization and flexibility the clients sought. A major challenge that TTS faced was the labour-intensive management of their diverse events. This encompassed the time-consuming process of creating new events and seamlessly integrating them into their website, as well as adding them to multiple event technology platforms. Furthermore, the manual handling of tasks such as check-ins, attendance tracking, surveys, and feedback became increasingly demanding due to the large-scale nature of their operations. The need to input data repeatedly across different platforms added to the operational burden and increased the likelihood of errors or inconsistencies in managing event-related information. Streamlining this process became imperative to alleviate the administrative burden and ensure accurate data management for each event.

Additionally, sponsors encountered difficulties in engaging attendees and generating leads, resulting in reduced participation and lower return on investment (ROI). Another challenge was the lack of personalization in their events, leading to decreased attendee engagement.

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Samaaro's Solution:

Since TTS had such a unique problem, we decided to make them an end-to-end solution that was tailored to their specific needs. The mission was to streamline TTS’s operations and offer them tech solutions that got the job done, without extensive manual labour while making the whole platform very easy to use.

Since the client did not want the complicacy of dealing with various tech solutions, we figured out a way to integrate all of their events into one unified dashboard. This is how we helped TTS:

1. Super Admin Dashboard:

The Super Admin Dashboard played a crucial role in consolidating all the events updated on TTS website into a single, centralized platform. This was achieved through the implementation of various customized API plug-ins that seamlessly fetched all the relevant data from the client’s website and presented it within the dashboard. By simply clicking a button, the super admin gained instant access to all the event information, eliminating the need for manual data entry and the creation of new events.

Moreover, the super admin had the ability to assign sub—admins or hosts to each event, ensuring effective delegation of responsibilities. In addition to managing event assignments, the super admin had full visibility into all events, allowing them to view and interact with any event’s dashboard just as sub-admins or host would. This comprehensive perspective also included the ability to see the event from a visitor’s point of view, enabling the super admin to assess the attendee experience.

Furthermore, the Super Admin Dashboard facilitated seamless synchronization of information, such as event agendas, across all events. Once an agenda was updated on TTS’s website, the super admin could easily sync this information across all relevant events, ensuring consistency and up-to-date event details.

Overall, the Super Admin Dashboard provided Tech Talk Summits with a powerful tool to manage and oversee their events effectively, streamlining data management processes, enabling efficient delegation, and offering comprehensive visibility into event operations.

2. Sub – Admin Dashboard:

The sub-admin dashboard provided a comprehensive overview of the event that was assigned to them, offering convenient access to various important features. They had access to the registrations & attendance data graph, which allowed them to track and analyze the number of attendees and registrations in real-time. Additionally, the dashboard provided a QR connection feature, enabling efficient and seamless check-ins for participants.

The sub-admins also had control over exhibition management, ensuring smooth coordination and organization of the event’s exhibits. Moreover, the dashboard offered engaging features such as polls, surveys, and quizzes, enabling sub-admins to interact with attendees and gather valuable feedback.

Lastly, they oversaw the reception, ensuring that participants were welcomed and guided throughout the event. Overall, the sub-admin dashboard served as a powerful tool for effective event management and engagement.

3. Host Event List:

The Host Event List feature provided a centralized space for each sub-admin to view the events they were assigned to. Admins could easily access the specific event dashboard from this list, streamlining their workflow and ensuring efficient event management. The list also displayed the status of each event, indicating whether it was completed, ongoing, or upcoming. By providing a comprehensive and organized view of assigned events, the Host Event List feature enabled admins to stay on top of their responsibilities and effectively coordinate with the rest of the event team.

4. Sponsor Management:

To enhance convenience for clients and streamline sponsor engagement, Samaaro introduced a remarkable feature called Exhibitor Management. Given that the client organizes more than 200 events annually, creating and integrating separate digital booths for each sponsor became a tedious task. To address this issue, Samaaro offered a unique solution known as the “Event Exhibitor Key”.

All digital booths were created on Samaaro’s lead management solution called Showcase. Whenever the client desired to showcase a specific sponsor, example – Google, they simply had to access Showcase, copy the event exhibitor key, and paste it into the sponsor section of the sub-admin dashboard.

The digital booth itself encompassed a wide range of features to cater to the sponsor’s needs. It provided a personalized digital booth for the sponsor, equipped with robust analytics dashboards and a distinctive lead capture solution. This comprehensive approach ensured that sponsors had all the tools necessary to make the most of their participation in the event. By offering this integrated and efficient sponsor exhibitor management system, Samaaro made it easier for clients to manage sponsors while delivering an exceptional experience for both sponsors and event attendees.

Now coming to the attendees, a range of features were developed to help attendee navigate the in-person event while providing easy to use platform.

5. Efficient Check-ins and Attendance Tracking:

Samaaro provided efficient check-in and attendance tracking capabilities through the implementation of QR code-based features. Attendees were able to conveniently check-in to events using their mobile devices, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual processes. This not only saved time but also enhanced the overall attendee experience.

Additionally, the QR code functionality served as a digital business card, allowing participants to easily exchange contact information with each other. Thereby streamlining networking and fostering seamless connections among event participants.

Moreover, organizers could monitor attendance data in real-time, gaining valuable insights into the number of attendees present at any given moment. This ensured accurate reporting and allowed organizers to effectively manage event logistics and resources.

6. Mobile Web Application:

Samaaro developed a mobile web application specifically for event attendees, providing them with an app-like experience without the need to download any additional software. This user-friendly application included various essential features to enhance the attendee experience.
  • Firstly, it offered an agenda section, allowing attendees to access the event schedule and plan their participation accordingly.

  • Additionally, a dedicated space was allocated for sponsor booths, enabling attendees to inquire about products or services and even schedule calls directly with the exhibitors, fostering meaningful interactions.

  • The mobile web application also incorporated an engagement section where polls, Q&A sessions, and surveys were pushed to actively involve attendees. Notably, surveys were strategically placed between sessions rather than at the end of the event. This approach allowed for timely feedback and ensured that attendees’ thoughts and opinions were captured while the content was fresh in their minds. Moreover, the Q&A section, monitored by the sub-admin throughout the event, encouraged participation from individuals who may feel hesitant to ask questions in person. Attendees could comfortably write their queries in the Q&A section, ensuring that everyone had an opportunity to engage in the event without any reservations.

  • Furthermore, the application included a QR code feature, providing attendees with a convenient way to access various event-related information or digital content by simply scanning the codes. This streamlined the process of accessing additional resources and made it easier for attendees to navigate the event offerings.

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The implementation of an event technology platform for an in-person event yielded impressive results, including:

Active Participation: Over 2500 participants actively participated in the five events hosted in a month.

Polls and Surveys: 700+ polls were published, and 500+ surveys were filled and securely stored, providing valuable insights for the client.

Attendance: Over 1800+ attendees participated in the events, with efficient tracking and check-ins facilitated by Samaaro.

Enhanced Sponsor Engagement: The digital booths generated 1774 leads for the sponsors, providing enhanced engagement opportunities and higher ROI for the client.

Personalization: The events were personalized, resulting in higher engagement levels and satisfaction among the attendees.

Future Event Optimization: The analytics dashboard not only improved the client’s event planning capabilities by providing valuable insights and data to enhance their overall event strategy but also facilitated data-driven decision making, enabling the client to make informed choices for future events. The effectiveness of the analytics dashboard left the client impressed, leading to its continued use to map all their future events.


Samaaro’s tailored solution successfully addressed Tech Talk Summits challenges, providing a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that streamlined operations, enhanced attendee experiences, and delivered exceptional results. Through innovative features and seamless integration, Samaaro enabled Tech Talk Summit to successfully manage and engage attendees in their events, establishing a strong foundation for future growth and success.

Are you ready to transform your next event? Discover how Samaaro’s cutting-edge event technology platform can enhance engagement, streamline attendance tracking, and boost sponsor engagement. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.