RNFOO Gala – A Virtual Fundraiser

virtual fundraiser lobby

RNFOO – Registered Nurses’ Foundation of Ontario was established to enhance and advances nursing practice. The organization has left a positive impact in the healthcare sector by raising funds to provide awards and scholarships to Ontario’s practicing nurses and nursing students.

This year marked the 50th anniversary of their foundation. To celebrate the Golden Jubilee, RNFOO organized their annual fundraising and networking event on Samaaro. Read the case study below.


Client: First Stage

Organizer: RNFOO

Category: Virtual Fundraiser

Date: May 4, 2022


The client wanted to host the event in an immersive 3D environment. Furthermore, as networking was a priority, the organizer wanted a lot of interactive features to facilitate conversations among attendees themselves, and also with the organizers.


virtual fundraiser lobby

A custom-themed lobby was designed for this event. The entire platform was built adhering to the client’s brand guidelines.

virtual fundraising auditorium
virtual fundraiser poll

The auditorium was equipped with Q&A and Polls. The organizer asked questions on diverse topics related to nursing. The Q&A feature opened a direct line of communication between the speakers, organizers, and attendees.

virtual fundraiser networking

A custom-designed networking lounge was incorporated for open table discussions. Twenty global chat rooms were available for attendees to join in.


  • The event received 250+ registrations with an attendee turnout rate of over 55%.

  • The auditorium received 188 footfalls followed by the networking lounge with 172 people participating in networking sessions.

  • A total of 88 connections were made in the span of two hours.

  • The client and the organizer were very pleased with the way the event proceeded without any hitch.


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