Virtual Exhibition - Case Study
Virtual Exhibition - Case Study

Property Management Company is based in Bangalore and offers end-to-end property management services, including tenant search & management, property upkeep, rent collection, legal agreements, and more.


Real Estate Management Company

Solutions Used

Project Gallery and Project Finder

We had a good experience with Samaaro. The team demonstrated extensive knowledge about event organization and seamlessly guided us through the entire process. Highly recommended for future-forward event experiences.

– Property Management Company

Client Challenges:

A well-known property management company based in Bangalore, wanted to organize an online exhibition with the aim of attracting overseas clients to invest in properties across India. Despite being new to the virtual exhibition concept, they had a general idea of their platform requirements. Their primary focus was to effectively showcase properties from elite builders within various cities given their extensive property portfolio, it was imperative for this company to offer comprehensive information and a seamless browsing experience to their prospective customers. Furthermore, they faced the challenge of ensuring user-friendly navigation and desired to create an interactive viewing experience for potential clients.

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Samaaro’s Personalized Solutions:

The collaboration between the property management company and Samaaro, an award-winning event technology platform, yielded innovative solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of the Property Management Company. Among the various features offered by Samaaro, the “Project Finder” and “Project Gallery” stood out as the two most important ones. Let’s explore these features from the perspectives of

  • Exhibitors – Setting Up
  • Attendees – Results Generated

Project Gallery:

Exhibitor's Perspective

From the exhibitor’s point of view, the Project Gallery feature within Samaaro’s platform was a game-changer in showcasing their properties and capturing the attention of potential buyers. This feature provided exhibitors with a comprehensive and visually captivating platform to present their projects.

  • Setting Up: Within the exhibitor dashboard, in project gallery they had the opportunity to create a stunning display of their properties. They could upload 3D walkthrough videos, images, brochures, floor plans, and detailed descriptions of each project. The Project Gallery not only allowed exhibitors to showcase the visual aspects of their properties but also provided a space to include essential details. Exhibitors could input information such as project name, city, zone, price, location, RERA compliance details, and completion date.
  • Brand Personalization: Additionally, exhibitors could customize their booth’s branding within the Project Gallery. They could choose colors, themes, and upload banners to create a cohesive and visually appealing representation of their brand. This level of customization helped exhibitors to stand out in the virtual exhibition hall and leave a lasting impression on attendees.
Attendee's Perspective – Results Generated

For attendees, the Project Gallery within Samaaro’s platform was a treasure trove of properties waiting to be explored. It provided a user-friendly and visually engaging interface, making it effortless for attendees to browse through a wide range of properties resulting in lead generation for exhibitors.

  • Engagement: Within the Project Gallery, attendees could access detailed information about each property. They could view 3D walkthrough videos, images, brochures, floor plans, and descriptions, allowing them to virtually explore the properties from the comfort of their own homes. This immersive experience provided a realistic understanding of the properties and helped attendees to visualize their potential future homes or investments.
  • Informed Decision Making: The Project Gallery’s comprehensive information allowed attendees to make informed decisions. They could review essential details such as project name, city, zone, price, location, RERA compliance details, and completion date. This transparency empowered attendees to evaluate properties based on their specific criteria and preferences.
  • Lead Generation: Moreover, the Project Gallery offered a seamless interaction opportunity between attendees and exhibitors. Attendees could schedule meetings with exhibitors directly from the Project Gallery, expressing their interest in specific properties and seeking additional information. This streamlined communication ensured that attendees could engage with exhibitors and receive personalized guidance during their property exploration journey.

Overall, the Project Gallery feature served as a bridge between exhibitors and attendees. It provided exhibitors with a powerful platform to showcase their properties and capture the attention of potential buyers. Simultaneously, it offered attendees a visually engaging and informative space to explore properties, make informed decisions, and connect directly with exhibitors to further their property inquiries.

Project Finder:

Exhibitor's Perspective

From the perspective of exhibitors, the Project Finder feature offered by Samaaro proved to be a valuable tool for showcasing their properties to a wide audience.

  • Setting Up: The Project Finder feature offered by Samaaro was a smart tool that automatically populated project details from the Project Gallery. This eliminated the need for exhibitors to manually enter the same information again. Attendees could easily discover and explore properties using the dynamic filter system, which generated filters based on the comprehensive details provided by exhibitors. This streamlined process saved exhibitors time and enhanced the visibility of their properties to potential attendees.
Attendee's Perspective – Results Generated

For attendees, the Project Finder feature became a reliable companion in their search for the perfect property.

  • User Friendly: As attendees entered the Project Finder section, they were greeted with a user-friendly interface that streamlined their search for the perfect property.
  • Refined Search: With the dynamic filter system in place, attendees could easily refine their search based on specific criteria. They could select their preferred city, such as Pune, and further narrow down their options by choosing the desired zone, number of BHK units, and price range. Each selection dynamically adjusted the available options, ensuring that attendees were presented with properties that met their specific preferences.
  • Quality Leads: Once the filters were applied, the Project Finder swiftly generated a curated list of properties that matched the attendee’s criteria. Attendees could explore each property in detail, gaining access to 3D walkthrough videos, images, floor plans, and descriptions. This comprehensive information allowed them to evaluate the features, amenities, and pricing of the properties they were interested in.

By utilizing the Project Finder, attendees could efficiently navigate through the virtual exhibition hall, focusing their attention on properties that aligned with their needs and preferences. The feature saved them time and effort by eliminating the need to manually search through numerous properties that may not be relevant.

Event Gallery - Project Finder and Project Gallery

Other Samaaro Solutions Used:

1. Main Admin Dashboard:

The admin dashboard proved immensely helpful for effectively managing and monitoring their exhibition. This dashboard offered numerous features, including an overview section that provided key metrics to track attendee engagement and evaluate event performance.

  • The user data section offered valuable analytics, such as registration trends and attendee movement patterns, enabling optimized marketing strategies for future.
  • The resource centre acted as a centralized platform for tracking footfall and exhibit popularity.
  • Additionally, the ability to create a customized landing page and send notifications during the exhibition allowed for a personalized and engaging experience for attendees.

Overall, Samaaro’s main admin dashboard streamlined event management, enhanced attendee experiences, and optimized engagement, providing the company with valuable insights and centralized communication channels for a successful exhibition.

2. Exhibitor Dashboard

The result of implementing the exhibitor dashboard was a more efficient and effective exhibition experience for exhibitors.

  • Customization options allowed exhibitors to personalize their booths, creating a unique and visually appealing representation of their products or services.
  • Analytics tools provided valuable insights into visitor engagement, allowing exhibitors to track attendance, visitor information, and resource engagement, empowering them to make data-driven decisions.
  • Scheduled meetings and query management features streamlined communication and organization, ensuring that exhibitors could effectively follow up with potential clients.
  • Project Gallery feature showcased property projects in a detailed and interactive manner, facilitating client engagement and increasing the likelihood of attracting potential investors.

Overall, the exhibitor dashboard enhanced exhibitors’ ability to showcase their offerings, engage with visitors, and generate meaningful connections, leading to a successful exhibition and increased opportunities for business growth.

3. Attendee Platform

The primary objective of this event was to attract potential investors to explore and invest in various properties across India. In order to achieve this goal, the platform was designed to be simple and accessible to a wide range of audiences. Emphasizing clarity, and simplicity, the platform aimed to provide a seamless experience for all users.

Lead Generation
  • For attendees, the Project Gallery provided comprehensive information about listed properties, allowing them to make well-informed decisions and engage directly with builders.
  • The resource center served as a valuable source of information, empowering attendees to access relevant videos and documents, increasing their knowledge and understanding.
  • The Help Centre offered convenient assistance and support, facilitating real-time chat with the support team and scheduling meetings with exhibitors, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.
  • The auditorium feature enhanced attendee engagement through curated agendas, speaker profiles, interactive elements like emoji reactions, and the opportunity to ask questions, creating an enriching and interactive session environment.

Overall, the results of the exhibition hall and digital booths were an immersive and interactive exhibition experience for attendees, empowering them with comprehensive property information, convenient support, and engaging session environments.


The user profile and networking features resulted in seamless communication, enhanced networking opportunities, and convenient navigation for attendees.

  • Each attendee had a profile page displaying their contact information, connections, and wishlisted items.
  • The platform facilitated real-time conversations and allowed attendees to send connection requests.
  • Access to all booths was conveniently available, streamlining navigation.

Overall, these features fostered effective networking, improved engagement, and provided a user-friendly experience for attendees.

Event Gallery


The implementation of an event technology platform for an virtual exhibition yielded impressive results, including:

Projects Viewed: A collective count of over 500+ property views were achieved by combining the viewings across all the booths.

Connections Made: Over 90+ connections were established between participants at the event.

Digital Booths: The event included a selection of 15+ digital booths, each showcasing different builders and their offerings.

Leads Generated: The event successfully generated more than 800+ potential leads for the participants.

Number of Attendees: The event had an impressive turnout with over 550+ individuals in attendance.


In conclusion, the property management company, successfully organized a virtual exhibition with the assistance of Samaaro, an award-winning event technology platform. Despite being new to virtual exhibitions, they could effectively showcased property details from various cities and locations, offering a seamless browsing experience to prospective clients. Samaaro’s features, including the Project Finder and Project Gallery, played a vital role in attracting clients and facilitating interactive engagement with exhibitors. The platform’s simplicity and accessibility, coupled with various features ensured a successful exhibition that met the objective of attracting potential investors to explore and invest in properties across India.

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