Propel 2022 - A Virtual R&R

Propel 2022 was an internal reward and recognition event hosted by Indigo Consulting on 11th Feb 2022. The event hosted two sessions- morning and evening, and many of the best employees were recognized and awarded during the virtual event.

Project Info:

Client: Indigo Consulting

Category: Virtual R&R

Date: 11th Feb 2022


The clients wanted to host an internal event for the employees of the organisation and provide an engaging and interactive experience for the participants.


The event contained two sessions, morning and evening. A highly interactive conference hall was set-up where attendees could view and participate in live sessions. The conference hall consisted of features such as live reactions, Q&As and Global Chat.

A quiz competition was organised using the Global Chat feature, and the top 3 participants to answer the questions were rewarded.

propel photobooth

A photobooth was also created, wherein participants could click and download photos with a customized frame. This provided an immersive and gamified experience to the participants.

social wall propel

A social wall, which contained all the tweets related to the event, was also available to promote sharing.

analytics dashbaord propel

Additionally, the client also requested a feature wherein they could remove all participants from the platform. This was provided in the organizer dashboard, wherein if the organizer toggled the button to log-out, all the attendees of the event would be removed.  


  • The event received 218 registrations, out of which 210 attendees attended the event.

  • The average time spent by an attendee was 3.5 Hours

  • A total of 443 messages were exchanged during the event, and nearly 100 (50%) people clicked selfies in the photo booth. 

  • The clients were extremely happy with the overall platform experience 

Client Feedback

"We are absolutely delighted with Samaaro and its service. They delivered exactly what was promised, and the event was completely glitch free"
-Indigo Consulting