PPGAP Virtual Town Hall Case Study

ppgap lobby

PPGAP, an internal virtual town hall event was hosted to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the partnership between PPG and Asian Paints. The virtual event was a celebration of the joint venture between PPG Inc of the USA, one of the leading coatings companies, and Asian Paints Ltd, the largest producer of paints and coatings in India.

Project Info:

ppgap event welcome

Client: Silvertree

Category: Virtual Town Hall

Date: 9th March


  1. As it was a themed event, the entire space had to be designed aligning with the client’s vision.
  2. They also required stunning visuals to captivate audiences and, at the same time, wanted adequate branding opportunities to highlight their partnership.
  3. The client wanted more branding opportunities in all the spaces.


ppgap custom video
ppgap welcome video

A custom video was created highlighting the sponsors of the event and the 3D spaces around the venue. It served as an introduction to all the spaces and clients’ futuristic vision of their collaboration together.

ppgap speakers
PPGAP Virtual Town hall auditorium

Upon landing on the event platform, the viewers were directly led to the auditorium. It was a sprawling 3D space where the speakers delivered their keynote address. Attendees could navigate to all the spaces from the auditorium.

ppgap photobooth

A photobooth was incorporated into the platform. Audiences were allowed to share their pictures directly across different social media channels.

The event had new branding opportunities. Alongside the gaming arena, we offered branded games for  better promotion and to deliver the message.


  • The event witnessed 500+ registrations with a turn-out rate of above 60%.
  • Virtual auditorium was the most frequently visited place by the attendees receiving 489 footfalls followed by the virtual photobooth with around 350 footfalls.
  • A high engagement rate & attendee interaction was noticed throughout the event. The clients were extremely happy with the event’s performance.