Virtual Conference Example - N2 Annual 2021

Virtual Conference - Welcome Lobby

Here’s a Virtual Conference Example hosted on Samaaro. N2 is an NPO and an alliance of Canadian research networks and organizations working to enhance national clinical research capability and provides a common platform for sharing best practices, resources and research-related content to ensure efficient and high-quality research, the integrity of clinical practices and accountability.

N2 Annual Conference 2021 was a congregation of medical experts from all over Canada who wanted to discuss the latest findings in the field of medical research, in that, clinical research.

Doctors, researchers and medical experts from all over Canada participated in the event and delivered compelling keynote speeches.

Virtual Conference - Landing Page

Project Info: Virtual Conference Example

Client: N2

Category: Virtual Conference

Date: 2-4 Feb, 2021


  • Considering the event would be participated by some of the most prominent medical experts and doctors, the privacy and security of their data were of utmost priority.

  • The client wanted a platform that was fully customized in terms of designs, features and spaces.

  • Apart from engagement and security, networking was an aspect the client was particular on.


Virtual Conference Hall

To ensure that the privacy of the users is completely secure, a novel CSV upload feature was introduced to the platform, using which the organizer could upload a CSV file with emails of all the participants. After uploading the file, the participants would receive an email with default passwords, with a link to change the password.

Virtual Conference - Exhibitor Booth

The platform was designed and customized according to the client’s specifications, to help them bring out the essence of their brand.

Virtual Conference - Networking Lounge

A fully customized networking lounge with 40 agenda-based meeting tables and a group-video calling feature was created to foster more relevant networking opportunities.

Virtual Conference - Digital Certificate

Features like the Digital Certificate, which certifies the participation of a user, were brought forth upon the client’s request.

Virtual Conference - Tracker

A conference tracker was enabled, which gave the organizer real-time access to data like the number of attendees present per session and the average time spent during each session.

Virtual Conference - Help Desk

As the clients were based out of Canada, a dedicated technical support team was provided to the client to take care of their requests.

Virtual Conference - Social Wall

A live social wall was set up with an aggregated feed of SM posts related to the event.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • The client was extremely happy with the CSV upload feature, which not only enabled them to protect the privacy of the participants but also mass upload all the emails at once.

  • The networking lounge was effectively used by the attendees to connect with each other. Since the meeting tables were agenda-based, better connections were formed.

  • The client was extremely pleased with the client support provided throughout the event.

Client Feedback

"We are extremely pleased with Samaaro for helping us deliver an immersive virtual conference which helped our guests in delivering impactful keynote speeches. Our event requirements like attendee data security were duly met along with other customizations. The platform was a visual delight which sported a graphically appealing look that both our guests and attendees loved."
- N2