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Virtual Conference - Welcome Lobby

Here’s a Virtual Conference Example, where Nayara Energy hosted a virtual conference on Samaaro. Nayara Energy is an international energy company with a strong presence in the hydrocarbon value chain ranging from refining to production and marketing to retail. It has also created a powerful and vast network to deliver quality oil and petroleum products to customers across the country.

Nayara Lead The Change was an employee-centric event which was hosted to engage the employees and give recognition to the best performing employees of Nayara Energy.

Virtual Conference - Info Desk

Project Info: Virtual Conference Example

Client: Nayara Energy

Category: Virtual Conference 

Date: 5th March, 2021


The event was hosted solely to engage the employees of Nayara Energy, and hence customizations and attendee-engagement were the only requirements of the client.


Virtual Conference - Welcome Lobby

The entire platform was customized according to Nayara Energy’s brand guidelines to boost the interactivity of the platform.

Virtual Conference Hall

Prominent personalities were invited to speak and host sessions during the event which included live polls and quizzes.

Virtual Conference - Photo Booth

The event offered a highly gamified experience to the attendees, with activities such as photo booth, picture puzzle and word finder available.

Virtual Conference - Video Gallery

Video galleries were set up that promoted the upcoming ventures of Nayara Energy to keep the employees informed about the company’s projects.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • The interactivity brought forth by the 3D spaces and features left the participants of the event exhilarated which resulted in high engagement.

  • Best performing employees were awarded and all the sessions received a ton of reactions from the attendees.

  • Engagement rate and the audience retention rate were in spades, although with a turnout rate of 85%, the attendance of the event was above par.

  • 3 different games were added to the platform, which were the most popular activities of the event. The photobooth, in particular, received a lot of interaction.

Client Feedback:

"We wanted to have a virtual get together and create an engaging event for our employees, with a lot of activities. Samaaro helped us deliver just that. The event was fun-filled with a lot of activities, which resulted in high engagement rate and participation rate. We are delighted with the Samaaro’s software"
- Nayara Energy