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RADCube is a technology consulting company providing technology solutions and implementation services that focuses on big data and analytics, intelligent applications development, enterprise integrations, and project implementation solutions. Each year, they host Innovation Digi- a symposium on digital transformation that brings you the insights and trends from the world of digital innovation.

Project Info :
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Virtual Conference
Date :
5 Nov, 2020
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Virtual Conference Platform with Help Desk


  • The organizer wanted to host a virtual conference that informs people about the latest developments in the field of Big Data, Robotics Process Automation, and all other AI technologies.

  • The event hosted speakers from companies like Google, Deloitte, PwC, Microsoft and more, and hence, it was necessary to make the event as engaging and interactive as possible.

  • Additionally, the organizers required data insights to measure the ROI at the end of the event.
Virtual Conference Platform with Exhibition Hall
Virtual Conference Platform with Exhibit Booth for Salesforce


    Virtual Conferenec Platform with Breakout Rooms - Samaaro
  • An interactive breakout room was set up so that attendees can ask questions to the speakers.
  • Virtual Exhibition Platform with Meeting Scheduler in Exhibit Booth
  • Q&As were conducted to boost the engagement.
  • Virtual Exhibition Platform with Analytics Dashboard
  • An analytics dashboard was set-up to help organizers measure ROI and gain other valuable insights.


Here are some of the highlights of the event :

  • The event received around 1100 registrations
  • The engagement of the event was high

Client Feedback

"Extremely happy with the way the event turned out- free of glitches and butter smooth. We were especially happy with the analytics dashboard, which enabled us to track data in real-time.

The customer support team was constantly in touch with us and answered our queries whenever we needed them. Extremely delighted with the service."

Samaaro ELETS
- RADCube Liaison