ILD Radiology - A Virutal Webinar Case Study

ILD Virtual webinar lobby

ILD Radiology Masterclass is a perfect example of a virtual webinar hosted on Samaaro. It was a two-day virtual webinar focusing on radiology and phenomenology. The client wanted to share new research on IPF and radiology happening in the 21st century. A highly customizable virtual event platform was needed as the client wanted an in-person like webinar atmosphere in the virtual space.

Project Info:

ILD Radiology virtual webinar example landing page

Event Name- ILD Radiology Masterclass

Event Type- Virtual Webinar

Client– Boehringer Ingelheim

Date– 12.03.22 & 19.03.22


The client wanted the entire platform designed according to their brand colors. 3D spaces were needed to be designed aligning with their brand image and the event’s atmosphere in a short span of time.


ILD Virtual webinar lobby

The entire platform was designed according to the client’s guidelines. All the 3D spaces- lobbies, booths, main stage were designed with the client’s brand color.

Medical booth
ILD main stage- virtual webinar conference hall

The exhibitor booth, conference hall and other spaces were redesigned to match the academic milieu of the event. The navbars were also customized to reflect that.

virtual webinar example - rld library

A new banner feature was integrated into the library as per the client’s request. On the banners resources such pdf, images and videos were uploaded.

virtual webinar example- survey form

A survey form was also added to receive feedback directly from the attendees.


  • The login to signup percentage was near 81.91%.
  • Overall platform usage was 224 hrs with average time spent by an attendee was 3.2 hrs.
  • The event was successfully completed and the client was extremely happy with the amount of customization we offered on our platform.


"We are extremely happy with the service and the product. They customized the platform at a very short notice. The event went smooth and without any hitch."
- Boehringer Ingelheim