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Here’s a Virtual Expo Example, where ASSOCHAM hosted a virtual B2B show on Samaaro. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) is India’s primary business association representing businesses, state chambers, and business associations.

From 10 to 13 March 2021, ASSOCHAM organized a virtual B2B show, India Electricals and Electronics Virtual Expo, to connect Indian electricals and electronics suppliers with domestic and international buyers. IEEVE 2021 focused to feature quality Indian manufacturers & suppliers along with comprehensive sourcing and trading opportunities for the African, ASEAN, South Asian and WANA market.

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Project Info: Virtual Expo Example:


Category: Virtual Expo

Date: 10-13 Mar, 2021


  • In terms of number of booths and exhibition halls, this was one of the biggest virtual expos hosted by Samaaro. Around 40 exhibitor booths were required by the client which had to be displayed prominently across the platform.

  • Based on sponsorships, different levels of exhibitor booths were required with varying degrees of features for each.

  • Allocation and placement of the exhibitor booths based on the level they belonged to was another challenge.

  • With so many products, exhibitor halls and exhibitor booths, the client was looking for a way to make it easier for the audience to find products/booths of their interest.

Virtual Expo - Information Help Desk
Virtual Expo - Networking Lounge


Virtual Expo - Exhibitor Booth

Based on the sponsorship, the exhibitor booths were classified into premium booths and regular booths, with premium booths having more features and customization options as compared to the regular booths.

Virtual Expo - Sponsors Lounge

A unique Sponsors Lounge was created to give prominence to the sponsors and help them generate valuable leads, quickly.

Virtual Expo - Exhibit Hall

Premium exhibitors could choose from 6 templates and upload any number of products and resources, whereas regular exhibitors could choose from 3 templates and upload limited number of products and resources. The event boasted 15 premium booths and 25 regular booths, To ensure that the booths were displayed effectively and seamlessly, 8 exhibition halls were created consisting 5 booths each. Also, the premium booths were placed in the first three exhibition halls, to ensure they got more visibility, upon client’s request.

Virtual Expo - Product Finder

With 8 exhibition halls, 40 exhibitor booths consisting of 120 products, it would have been difficult for the attendees of the event to find exhibitors/products of their interest. Hence, as a solution to this potential impediment, a Product Finder was installed on the platform which enabled the audience to easily find the products/booths of their interest by simply entering the keywords. Additionally. An exhibitor directory which had a list of all the exhibitors and the products that they were offering, was made easily available on the platform.

Virtual Expo - Product Gallery

An innovative Product Gallery was provided on each exhibitor booth to help exhibitors showcase their products intuitively, generate more leads and squeeze out maximum ROI. It was accompanied by a Meeting Scheduler, using which the audience could easily schedule meetings and product demos with the exhibitors.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • The event recorded a modest 500 registrations, with 2000+ videos being watched.

  • The event was participated by attendees from more than 40 countries and 300+ connection requests were exchanged.

  • Product gallery was highly appreciated by the exhibitors, which helped them generate more leads.

Client Feedback:

“We are satisfied by the event experience provided by Samaaro. Each and every requirement was met. Features like product finder and product gallery helped the exhibitors promote their products effectively. We are looking forward to hosting more virtual expos on Samaaro.”