IITF 2021 - A Hybrid Event Case Study

IIFT 2021 - Case Study

IITF 2021 was one perfect hybrid event example that was hosted on Samaaro. The event was organized by the Security Market Institutions of India and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)- which is a statutory body that regulates the Indian securities and commodity market under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

The flagship event was held with an agenda to have the general citizens of India get in touch with the market experts, educate them about the multiple training programs and courses on commodity derivatives, and guide them to investing in mutual funds and investor awareness.

Info desk of Mascot Optimus

Project Info:

Client: SEBI

Category: Hybrid Event

Date: 14th -27th November 2021


  • Since the event was aimed at educating the general public on the financial market, the client placed heavy emphasis on engagement-boosting features.

  • A great deal of customization was to be done within a short time frame


Auditorium Mascot Optimus

The auditorium live-streamed the inaugural session of the physical event. The platform was laced with an exclusive Q&A feature for the audience to immerse into an engaging session with the speakers.

Exhibition hall of Mascot Optimus

An exhibition hall was set up with three different categories namely- SBI & NISM, Exchanges and Depositories, and Industry Bodies. The design of each booth was captivating enough to attract attendees and access their product gallery, resource centres and engage with the brand directly.

Quiz in Mascot Optimus

One such delightful engagement boosting feature was setting up a Quiz feature for the attendees to check on their existing knowledge on financial markets. A completion certificate was then automatically generated after successfully answering the questionnaire.

Feedback form in Virtual Trade Shows

Towards the end of the event, a feedback feature was added to ascertain the overall experience of the attendees.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • The event witnessed around 5000 online registrations.

  • 360+ connection requests sent and accepted.

  • A footfall of 3000+ attendees was observed in the exhibit halls.

  • Around 800 people attempted the Quiz.

Client Feedback

“It was our first time collaborating with Samaaro and it has been a wonderful experience having them help us host this flagship event. They managed to create an enthralling platform that significantly boosted our overall attendee footfall and engagement rate. We are pleased and satisfied with the service and look forward to collaborating with Samaaro again.”