Virtual Exhibition - Welcome Lobby

Here’s a Virtual Exhibition Example where GGC Power hosted an virtual exhibition on Samaaro. GCC- Cigre is a non-profit organization that was established under the umbrella of the Gulf Cooperative Council in accordance with a recommendation from their Excellencies GCC Ministers of Electricity & Water during their second meeting held in Kuwait on 22nd April 1985 under the patronage and auspices of Gulf Cooperative Council.

Virtual Exhibition - Exhibitor Booth

Project Info: Virtual Exhibition Example

Client: GCC Cigre

Category: Virtual Exhibition

Date: 23-24 Nov, 2020


GCC Power is an annual event that brings influential people from the energy industry on a single platform, where discussion ranges from the latest developments in the energy industry to the latest products being released.

However, this was the first time it was being hosted virtually. Hence, the client, based out of the middle-east, wanted to host a virtual exhibition that was very customized based on a middle-eastern theme.

Here were the requirements of the event:

  • Customization: The host wanted the entire event to be customized according to their theme with custom designs.

  • Bifurcation: Also, the host wanted to segregate the participants based on who paid and who didn’t.

  • Engagement: Engagement was another aspect the host was particular about.

  • Payment gateway integration was required to streamline the payment process for the participants.

Virtual Exhibition Hall
Virtual Exhibition - Exhibitor Booth


Virtual Exhibition - Networking Lounge

The entire platform was customized, including the networking lounge, meeting rooms and conference halls

Virtual Exhibition - Conference Hall

Features like public chats, Live Q&As, session wise playlists of all the videos, video calls with answer/decline features were present to boost the engagement.

Virtual Exhibition - Visitor Delegate Pass

The participants were bifurcated based on payments. The participants who didn’t pay were only allowed to view the opening and closing ceremony. And the participants who paid were elevated to delegate status and were allowed to view all the conferences.

Virtual Exhibition - Automated booth maker

An automated booth maker was available to help the exhibitors in fully customizing their product booths.

Virtual Exhibition - Private Meeting Rooms

Private meeting rooms were set up, one for the delegates and one for the exhibitors.

Virtual Exhibition - Exhibitor Chat Transcript

After the event, the transcripts of all the chats that were initiated were available to download for the exhibitors to help the understand how the chats fared.

Virtual Exhibition - Payment Gateway

A third party payment gateway integration was made to meet the client’s demand.


Here are some of the highlights of the event:

  • 1220 total registrations were recorded from 59 countries.

  • 6 hr 56 mins was the average time spent for 2 days on the website

  • 440 documents were downloaded and 115 videos were watched

  • 1751 connection request were sent

  • The engagement was excellent throughout the event.

Client Feedback

"We are thoroughly satisfied with the platform and the service that was provided. Each and every requirement of ours was fulfilled, and we didn’t encounter any glitches during the event. We had a lot of custom feature requirements, which were done by Samaaro. We look forward to hosting another virtual event with Samaaro soon"
- GCC Cigre Liaison