Eureka MICE Virtual Conference Case Study

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Eureka MICE International is a leading tourism marketing company from Italy specializing in the MICE market, i.e., meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions/expos, and events. Operating with an international team of experts, Eureka MICE provides all-round support to their global customers.

Their month-long virtual conference, divided into five weekly webinars, focused on the changing dynamics of the events industry. Each Thursday, the organizers invited industry experts and event professionals and organized a discussion on the key challenges event professionals are facing post-covid and deliberating on the practical solutions to the problems.  

Project Info:

eureka mice virtual conference info desk

Client: Eureka MICE

Category: Virtual Conference

Date: 6th, 21st, 28th April, 5th, & 12th May


  1. The primary challenge for the client was finding a platform where they could host weekly sessions for a month and keep the platform live for attendees to come back and watch the sessions.

  1. They wanted to stream live sessions, pre-recorded sessions, and videos from the same platform.

  1. Sponsored sessions were also on the agenda. The client requested an additional feature whereby attendees could directly book a meeting with the sponsors from the conference room itself.

  1. More than 70 exhibitors were scheduled to participate in the event. For easier navigation and orderly exhibitor management, the client wanted two exhibition centres, each with multiple halls.


virtual conference case study landing page

The organizers wanted to have a multi-channel registration process. Our team designed a custom landing page to drive up registrations. The clients then integrated the registration page with their website. So, there were two options for registrants – to sign up either from the event’s landing page or the organizer’s website.

virtual conference case study mice lobby

As it was a month-long event with multiple sessions on different topics, the platform was modified according to the theme of each week’s session topic.

virtual conference exmaple - auditorium

The client wanted an interactive environment, and the session was thrown open to the audience after the speaker’s address. A live Q&A feature was added to facilitate conversation between speakers and attendees. Attendees could directly address the speakers and ask questions after each session was over. It encouraged attendees to be more aware of the discussions and engage with the speakers.

virtual conference example - auditorium

As it was not possible to take questions from each attendee, the client wanted to offer them other avenues to make their voices heard. We have seen from previous projects that polls generate a better overall response from the attendees. So, here too, we incorporated polls to engage audiences. Polls also doubled up as a quick survey tool for organizers from which they could check the response in real-time. 

virtual conference example - MICE conference

Along with live streaming, previously hosted sessions were also made available on-demand. Attendees can revisit the earlier sessions and pre-recorded videos at their convenience. A meeting scheduler was also added inside the conference hall. While attending sponsored sessions, attendees could get in touch with the sponsors, book meetings with their representatives, and visit their respective booths directly from the conference room.

virtual conference exmaple - mice exhibition hall

There were two exhibition centres – ‘MICE & Luxury’ and ‘Congresses & Associations’ – each with multiple halls. Total 76 exhibitors participated in the event. The exhibitor booths were further categorised based on their business niche. For easier navigation, a search option was available in both centres. Attendees could either search by specific name or choose from their preferred categories.

virtual conference example - networking lounge

Networking is a key reason attendees participate in b2b events, webinars, conferences, etc. Eureka MICE virtual conference was no exception. A networking lounge with multiple open tables was added, where attendees could exchange ideas and share their experiences. Aside from personal chats and one-one conversations, global chats, and group video calls were also in store for the attendees.

eureka mice trend leaderboard

To incentivize attendee participation and boost engagement, a leaderboard was incorporated into the platform. For each activity taken on the platform, attendees received multiple points. The leaderboard displayed the names and points of top scorers.


  • A high engagement rate was noticeable throughout the event.

  • Our client was extremely happy with the progress of the event and the results achieved.

  • They wanted to keep the platform live for six more months for attendees to revisit the content and exhibitor booths.