The Diviners Festival  2021, a two-day virtual expo was hosted on Samaaro. Organized by Global Diviners Movement, this festival took place on November 20th – 21st, 2021 that witnessed 40+ speakers and artists from across the world. The Diviners Virtual Fest aims at teaching self-realization with its unique technique that combines art and meditation. It brings together awakening organizations, artists and speakers to channel healing energies into the world.

Diviners Festival Landing Page

Project Info:

Client: Global Diviners Movement

Category: Virtual Expo

Date: November 20th – 21st, 2021


  • Since it was the first time the Global Diviners Movement were hosting a virtual festival, witnessing individuals from diversified global audience, a lot of integrations were required in order to seamlessly run the virtual expo.

  • The Client wanted a virtual environment that increases engagement between the attendees and exhibitors.

  • Being a Virtual Festival, the client was looking to host multiple conferences/events at one time.


Virtual Trade Shows Lobby
  • A custom designed welcome lobby was created as per the clients and sponsors brand guidelines. This enabled the attendees to seamlessly navigate around any space during the virtual festival.

  • A welcome video was placed in front of the lobby that introduced the virtual festival and gave a brief summary to the attendees.

  • Samaaro setup an impressive and unique welcome lobby which was the “Wow Factor” during the entire virtual festival.

Diviners Festival Landing Page
Diviners Fest Login and Registration Page

The login and the registration page was created at one place. This unique feature made the attendees from all over the world obtain access to both the pages at one place hassle-free.

Diviners Festival Virtual Expo Hall Samaaro
  • A comprehensive virtual expo hall was created that featured 30 exhibitor booths. The client emphasized on adding diyas and flowers to lighten up the virtual expo, which was delivered by our team of experts. 

  • The exhibitor booths served as a space to connect with the attendees and gain prospects. The expo hall was designed in such a manner that made the attendees feel as if they were attending a real virtual festival.

  • Every exhibitor booth was customized as per the individual vendors’ needs which had the logo and the name of the brand. The setup was specially designed so that the attendees could navigate and connect easily to the interested vendors.


Here are some of the highlights of the virtual expo:

  • The virtual expo was sponsored by brands such as happy bitis, bitis, etc; and received around 2780 registrations.

  • The innovative booth feature helped the vendors in getting a lot of clicks and views for their products/services.

  • Attendees were able to access the virtual festival from anywhere.

  • Over 5000 people attended the virtual festival.

  • A total of 1000 leads were generated by the exhibitors.

Client Testimonials

“Considering it was the first time that we hosted a virtual festival, we were a bit skeptical on how things would take place. But Samaaro made it easier than ever! The whole platform was designed as per our requirements. We also witnessed a high engagement rate. Very happy with the custom designs and the way the whole virtual expo turned out. Thank you team Samaaro!

– Jasmine, Global Diviners Movement