CUBE HEAL 2022 – A Hybrid Medical Conference by Mindray

Cube Heal 2022 was a mega symposium on hematology with 35+ sessions, 100+ faculties, and over 1500 attendees joining both virtually and physically. Mindray India partnered with Samaaro for facilitating a smooth running of events. This was Mindray’s third collaboration with us. The previous editions of the CUBE summit, CUBE 2020 Digital Summit, and CUBE Aspire 2021, were significant in their own right, attracting over 2000 participants from 70 countries.

Project Info:

Organizers: Mindray India and BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital

Category: Hybrid Conference

Date: 23rd-24th July

About the Organizers

Mindray is a leading name in the healthcare sector. With a global presence spanned across 190 countries, Mindray strives to advance healthcare with the help of cutting-edge technology and make it more accessible to people. Mindray India, established in 2006, has established itself as a leading manufacturer of medical devices in India.

Event Objectives of CUBE HEAL 2022

Mindray India wanted to host the conference to impart knowledge and acquaint healthcare professionals with the latest developments in Hematology analyzers research. The capability to count blood cells has gone far beyond the traditional five-part differential. The organizers invited leading experts in the field to address the symposiums and deliver sessions on how the hematology analyzer science has evolved over the years.

They aimed to familiarize these advanced solutions with medical practitioners of India and inspire them to adopt these newer methods into their practice. That was one main reason why they decided to host the conference in the hybrid medium – to reach out to the maximum number of audiences.

Challenges Faced by the Organizers

With this set of goals in mind, the organizers were faced with multiple challenges –

  • Providing an engaging event experience to on-site and remote attendees.
  • Lag-free and high-quality live streaming of the proceedings from the physical venue.
  • Enabling remote attendees to interact with speakers.
  • Optimizing the platform UI for a smoother experience on mobile.

Solutions Provided for an Engaging and Interactive Hybrid Conference

Custom Landing Page and Event Registrations

Firstly, a customized event landing page was designed to drive interest and increase the number of registrations. The landing page offered all the relevant event-related information such as the event agenda and introductory videos.

Moreover, highlights of the previous editions from the CUBE summit were also added in the page. The teaser videos helped covert visitors to registrants

Active Campaign Integration

Mindray leveraged Samaaro’s integration with Active Campaign to drive more participants to their event. The organizers ran automated email campaigns, sent event reminders to increase footfalls on the event day. Samaaro’s integration with the tool meant that they could run the campaign, track the conversion without leaving our platform

Live Streaming of Sessions in Auditoriums

The conference room served as the main stage for the event. There were around 35 sessions with over 50 delegates joining virtually and physically. Proceedings from the physical venue were streamed live inside the auditorium.

To make the session livelier and engaging for the virtual attendees, various interactive features were added.


Q&A Box:

After each speaker’s sessions, the moderators were taking questions from the attendees. To extend the same opportunity to remote attendees, a virtual Q&A box was embedded inside the auditorium. It proved to be a crucial audience engagement tool, as the organizers received a lot of questions from virtual attendees. The Q&A feature also enabled remote attendees to share their thoughts and feedback after each session.


The organizers were also running live polls to check participants’ existing knowledge. It helped speakers tailor their content and delivery.


Live Reaction:

Live reaction enabled remote attendees to express their thoughts via emoticons. For organizers, this was also a way to judge attendee engagement and whether the sessions resonated with the attendees or not.

Mobile-optimized UI

To make the event more accessible the organizers wanted a the platform to be optimized for mobile. With that in mind, a separate mobile-optimized UI was designed by our team. Attendees could either join from their devices or mobiles or tabs without missing a bit.


  • The event received 2000+ attendee footfalls.
  • A whopping 78% engagement rate was recorded.
  • 85% of the attendees stayed back till the end of the event.


We hope that the hybrid conference case study has offered you some actionable insights that you can utilize in your next event. For more in-depth discussion and suggestions, get in touch with us for an expert chat. Samaaro is an award-winning virtual events platform helping clients host successful virtual and hybrid events and reach their business goals. Book a free personalized demo tour today.