Coloproctology 2022 - A Virtual Conference Example


Coloproctology 2022, the 20th Annual Scientific Congress of the Malaysian Society of Colorectal Surgeons (MSCRS), was hosted on Samaaro from 4th -6th March. The three-day virtual conference focused on the challenges the medical community faced in the past two years in the wake of covid-19.

Info Desk
Info Desk

Project Info:

Client: Signature Productions

Category: Virtual Conference

Date: 4th-6th March 2022


  1. The client wanted a highly interactive platform to foster an exchange of information, ideas and professional experiences.
  2. The organizers wanted complete control of the event’s entry and exit time.
  3. They wanted a live schedule of the event, from where attendees can directly enter any particular session of their choice.


Virutal Lobby

A virtual lobby was designed with all the major sponsors and brands documented. Primary resources such as downloadable booklets, agendas and event details were available alongside the info desk. Furthermore, a personalized resource bag was made available for each attendee.

Exhibitor Wall
Exhibitor Wall

For easier navigation and quicker access, a separate exhibitor wall was created. Attendees were enabled to directly enter a sponsor’s booth by clicking on the banner.

Virtual Conference Hall 1
Virtual Conference Hall 2

Two separate conference hall was created with parallel sessions going on live. Audiences could directly ask questions to the speakers via the live Q&A feature.

Presentation Video
Presentation Videos

Separate spaces were designated to upload E-posters and presentation videos. Two different e-certificates were generated – one upon participating in the conference while the other being an appreciation certificate from the organizers.

Points Earned
Points Earned

It was an entirely gamified experience where attendees received points for different actions. Each time an attendee earned points, a pop-up notification showcasing their total points showed up. Top point earners received special gifts at the end of the event.


Here are some key highlights of the event-

  • Login to sign-up ratio was a whopping 89.92%.
  • 2500+ messages were sent and 746 connections were made.
  • Average time spent by an attendee on the platform was 12.5 hrs.

Client Feedback

“Using Samaaro for our virtual summit helped us hold a successful virtual summit virtually. Thanks to Samaaro, the summit was an absolute success!”
– Signature Productions